While I have had a ridiculously easy pregnancy, and I am so thrilled and thankful to be pregnant, the last week has alerted me to a few less-then-pleasant parts if pregnancy. I don’t want to come across as “the ungrateful infertile” but really just wanted to describe what is happening for posterity’s sake.

Before I was pregnant, and would hear women describe difficulty putting shoes on and rolling over in bed, I thought it couldn’t be much different from being fat. Struggling with weight my entire life I once topped the scale at 250lbs. However, fat is squishy, so if I needed to press my stomach into the counter so I could reach something, it was irritating but really not a big deal. Babies? Not squishy. And if I do press my stomach against the counter to reach something, she will kick in protest, and then I feel terribly guilty for squishing her! Similarly, when not pregnant but overweight, putting on shoes and rolling over in bed may have been uncomfortable, now there is a decided moment of “if I try to do this, it may hurt”. There is a definite moment when I go to roll over in bed (I can’t do it as one fluid motion, I have to start rolling my hips and then follow with my shoulders. Doing it all at once requires much more effort) that if I start the roll with my hips but don’t follow soon enough with my shoulders, I get an ouchy pinching sensation in my abdomen and back.

The exhaustion has set in.  I wake up tired.  Doesn’t seem to matter how long I sleep.  I could sleep all night and then cat nap all day… hm, that would be glorious.  Obviously, I don’t do that.  I get up, walk the dogs, take a shower , go to work, go to visit friends… but I told Hubster last night that I think that my days off, I’m going to start putting my foot down and making them “do nothing” days. Because as much fun as it is to visit, even “low key” hang-out type visits are really draining   (Remember when I said I wake up tired???)  I’m wishing I had approached my boss sooner about going down to part time, but I know I will survive November, and am very much looking forward to slowing down in December.

My sense of smell seems to have ramped up again.  Which working at a vet clinic? Tons of fun.  The worst is the clients that come in and smell of stale cigarette smoke… I don’t judge them for smoking, but it has made me pretty dang nauseous.  And believe me, there is a difference between just-stepped-out-for-a-quick-smoke-break and I-chain-smoke-all-day-and-never-wash-my-clothes.

Oh the heartburn.  See, I’ve never really been someone who gets heartburn.  It took me about a day to figure out that the pressure in my chest even was heartburn.  It feels like I swallowed a super-large-vitamin and it got stuck in my throat, right around my clavicle.  So I ended up going out and buying two large bottles of Tums.  (side note – saw Midwife N yesterday which went MUCH better, I went in and let her know all these things I’m suddenly dealing with, which are of course all normal, but it made for a slightly longer appointment and made me feel a teensy more connected.  Guess I just have to be more pro-active on the talking front.  Anyway, she said I could also try Prilosec or Zantac so once I get through this work week I may grab one to try)

Finally, I am always hungry.  Even when I eat a normal sized meal, and I’m uncomfortably full, it isn’t long before I’m hungry again.  Trying to watch my food intake to make sure I don’t balloon up in this last stretch is going to be hard.  Stupid brain telling me to eat when I really shouldn’t!

And yes, I really did discuss all these things with Midwife N.  By and large she said it was all completely normal.  She did have some concern over the super-hungry thing, because of course I started this pregnancy heavier, and we’ve been trying to really watch the weight gain.  So it’s more important than ever to be really paying attention to my portions and making sure I’m eating healthy.   (Sorry trick-or-treaters, I’m not even going to tempt myself, we wont be buying or hanging out candy this year!)  We also talked a little about the school of thought to do perineal massage, and she basically said it was a waste of time to try and do it now, and may only make the muscle tougher.  It is most effective when I am in labor, and she said she would do her best to make sure I don’t tear.

Blood pressure, heartbeat all good.  Baby was head down, and Midwife N thinks is should stay that way.  I guess all the movement/fluttering I feel down low must be her hands!  And with her growing, her movements are becoming more obvious to me (And when visiting with Suzy yesterday she even go to feel a little foot wiggling!) which is very reassuring.

So there ya have it.  Not all sunshine and roses, but it really is not nearly as bad as it could be, I know I’m very lucky to be pregnant, and to have such an easy pregnancy.  I just wish I could somehow grant that to all my readers!!!


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  1. It took me awhile to figure out that I was having heartburn as well b/c I had no idea what it was either. 🙂 it was AMAZING post-delivery to realize I could eat, lay down, whatever and not get it anymore!

    Sounds like things are moving along – I’m glad you had a good talk with your midwife!


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