Nursery Update

There has been a slow metamorphosis in the nursery the last few months…  If you will recall I first took pictures of the room (when it was a catch-all spare room) back in June *shudders at the mess it was!* And then did an update with ideas I starting to form ideas in August.  And then a little later that month took pictures of the (mostly empty) Nursery!  Then I later showcased some of the textiles-to-be in the Nursery.  Well, since then we have had a few gifts show up (one of which came yesterday and I’m maintaining major self control and NOT opening until our shower in 2 weeks!)  Side note: One of the many joys of pregnancy?  Getting mail.  Real mail.  Cards with well-wishes and congratulations and packages!  It’s very emotional to know so many people are excited with us 🙂This biggest box yet!  It’s taking serious self control not to go onto our registry and figure out what is missing.  Feeling so loved and blessed ❤

Ok, but back to the nursery.  Well, some things have started to fill up the space again, but it’s not all quite organized… or even put together.  Case in point?  The rocking chair that is sitting in the middle of the room that Hubster has yet to put together *sigh*.  Also, some “non-nursery” items seem to have migrated back in *cough – ironing board – cough*  Regardless, I wanted to take some pictures and update 🙂

View from the door.  As you can see we did get a very nice area rug to help pull the room together… on top of it is the rocking chair (in pieces).  Once it is put together, the rocking chair will go in the corner the changing table/dresser currently resides in, and the dresser will just move down the wall towards the door.  We never did end up painting the dresser…  my step-mom had said she would help since she has lots of experience in the required sanding/priming stuff, (She is very gifted at finding treasures at consignment/thrift stores and remaking them into boutique-worthy stuff) but then we were never able to nail down a date, and now I’m just to large and uncomfortable to imagine doing it now.  Dark brown wood will have to do!

So here we have more pieces of the rocking chair… the box next to it is full of disposable diapers from the last shower (along with the adorable balloons that last FOR-EV-ER!)  The fabric I purchased for curtains? Hanging on the crib… I swear, one of these days I will make them!  Since we still have yet to get the crib mattress, the crib has become a catch-all for a variety of baby gifts including the bedding set (still wrapped up to keep it safe!), blankets and a few other items I haven’t found a home for yet.

The crib, the cross that Hubster made above it (although he hung it before we put the bed there, it needs to be centered over the bed… I’m so crazy about art hanging correctly)  Also a shot into the closet, a few new gifts are hanging up, hand-me-downs I have put in the plastic bins, along with the ~10 the cloth diapers we currently have.  (I had emptied the dresser anticipating having to move it to sand/paint but now that it is clear that wont be happening, I guess I can move the diapers back into the dresser!)

One thing we are very excited about… 2 of the 3 art prints we wanted have arrived, last weekend we went and found some very nice (and affordable!) frames for them.  Say hello to our Scottish Highlander Cow!  *happy dance*

And the sheep!  So cute!  We haven’t hung them up yet, waiting on the 3rd piece (An owl) that will hang in the middle.  They will be put up on the wall with the dresser and rocking chair.  (These two prints came from – a great place to find some really cool stuff for fairly affordable.  Similar to

I am totally in love with the art we chose for the nursery!

A final shot of the bookshelf… we have a handful of baby books and hand-me-down toys on here, but my personal favorite is this beautiful copy of the Grimms Fairy Tales (next to my childhood piggy bank lol)  I can’t wait to read our little girl the original fairy tales!  (I’ve read through this book a little – there are A LOT of very short stories in here – and find myself very humored by some of the absurdly short and especially harsh consequences some characters experience.  Of course, not everything the Grimm brothers wrote could become a classic haha)


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  1. I’ve been opening my gifts as they come so I can get the thank you notes out right away. Don’t want the gift givers wondering if their gift arrived. 😉


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