Tidal Wave

Just what’s been on my mind today:

I’m 25 weeks.  And all I hear anymore (I love how complete strangers at the grocery store feel the need to comment!) is how I’m almost to the third trimester, and when I hit it I wont have ANY energy… and it feels like this tidal wave looming in front of me, because by the time I’m done at work I can barely keep my eyes open to drive home, I can’t imagine being ever MORE tired.

And I know stressing about it wont change anything.  For a receptionist position, I’m on my feet A LOT, and maybe it’s all in my head, but today I felt like my belly was particularly “heavy” and was taking any excuse I could find to sit down…  But I also know that no matter how exhausted I get, I’m going to find some way to keep on pushing through.

And on that note, it’s 4:30pm, I’m going to make some dinner, walk the dogs and go to bed so I can get up and open tomorrow.  Hoping to catch up on blogs and whatnot later in the week!


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  1. Okay, let me just put the saddle on my high horse, give me a second… hehem… Why in the world do people do that!?! I mean, sure, you’re tired when you’re pregnant. Sure you’re tired when you have a newborn. Sure, life isn’t all about always having everything all nice and perfect. But really??? Can’t we focus on the positives people? There are ALWAYS positives and negatives to every situation. How about instead of saying, “just wait, you’ll be EVEN MORE tired!” we try to say “just wait, you’re going to feel that little precious baby move around all the time! You’ll get big kicks, precious bumps, full rolling over that makes your belly look like an ocean wave, and maybe even be able to see a foot or hand poking through! It’s SO exciting and wonderful!” I mean, both things are true, why do we have to say that stuff that sucks all the time. It’s the same, only worse, once you have the baby. People in the line at the store will suddenly be all full of parenting advice and anecdotes… “you think you’re tired NOW, just WAIT until you have a teenager, THEN you’ll be in for it!” How about “Just wait until the first time she ties her shoes on her own! Or the first time she stops playing to help another child who has fallen and is crying, and you get to see what a sweet heart she has. Or just wait until she says “mama” for the first time, you will just melt!” Why do we, as a culture, dwell on the negatives and try to scare each other and act all “I told you so” and knowing. It drives me frickin nutty.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that you’re tired and that people are making you dread a time that should be full of joy… joy and naps. LOL. Push through when you have to, but try to take any and all breaks possible. You’re growing a baby, and you deserve to lie down often. 🙂 And honestly, the fatigue of the 3rd trimester is tempered by the excitement of being “almost there.” Hang in there, and eat cold cereal for dinner so you can have a break. 🙂


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