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Ok, I’m going to back up JUST a bit, because last weekend (not the one we just had, the one, before that, you know, the first weekend of September?  Labor Day?) Hubster and I went out to the beach and life has been SO busy, I never posted pictures!

Lots of people think that because we live in Western Washington, we must be right next to the beach.  Wrong.  We are fairly close to water… but the body along that water is rocky, or pebbly at best, and technically, it is NOT the Pacific Ocean we are strolling along, it is the Puget Sound.  Which is fed by the ocean, but it is NOT the ocean.  Ok, ok, ok, here’s a map.  The red X is our approximate location.  The green X is our approximate destination.  And I know it only looks like an inch, but in reality, it’s about 2 hours.  So needless to say, even though we’ve lived here a year, this was our first trip out.

(Map originally obtained from, although the red and green x’s are my addition)

(For the fans of all things sparkly-vampir-iffic, Forks is on the outer tip of the peninsula…  Because you know you always wondered!  And no, we have not gone out there.)

So, Labor Day Monday we slept in, then crawled into the car and got on our way.  2 hours later, after a beautiful drive through dense greenery and small towns, we got into Ocean Shores.  And we started with lunch:

Mmmm. Fresh clams. I ate so many clams growing up, that we dug up ourselves, so that I can’t handle frozen or canned clams (so gross!) but these were about as fresh as fresh can get unless you go clam digging yourself!  The only problem? Eventually they ran out.  😥

Then it is down to the beach!  Yay sandy beach!!!

Feet in the OCEAN!!!

Oops, dropped my skirt… (skirts are the comfiest clothing option, but I really didn’t think about wearing a long skirt to the beach…)

No saving the skirt, might as well splash about in it as it is!  It’s just water and sand, nothing the wash can’t fix!

Hubster was quite shocked by how cold the ocean was, and ran out pretty dang fast!

Hubster avoiding the waves…

But as we walked along the beach, his toes started to get acclimated…

And even ended up playing about a little!  If the weather had been a bit hotter, maybe there would have been better chance he would have put on the bathing suit he had brought with him!

A look down the beach, watching the sandpiper birds scrambling back and forth along the waves.  I had so much fun pointing out the birds, different kind of kelp, and clam holes in the sand to Hubster.  He is very excited to show our daughter the beach next summer!!!

Beautiful patterns in the sea foam and the sand as the waves come and go…  Hubster guessed we walked at least a mile, quite likely 2 miles on the beach.  Great exercise, walking in sand, but it was easy to just stroll along and chat!

And a trip to the ocean is not complete without some saltwater taffy!!! (And a smidgen of homemade fudge!)


Work seems to be going along pretty steadily, I think I’m finding my groove and my trainer is taking more and more of a step back and I should start working regular shifts in the next week or so.  Of course it’s crazy, multiple lines ringing, trying to check in patients, get charts ready for appointments, take payments, answer questions, handle emotional clients (because, as the receptionist, it’s my fault if the vet is taking “too long” or running behind or any number of things that have nothing to do with me!) but I think I’m juggling it all fairly well.  I just wish I would make some more connections with my co-workers, we get along fine but I can’t help but feel like I still don’t really “fit in” with the “big kids”.  But I also have to acknowledge that with 4 jobs in the last year, I’ve got some walls up of my own, I’m hesitant to dive into a “friendship” that fades away if I don’t work there anymore…

The Baby, well, as far as I can tell she’s good.  I do feel movement… but it’s still generally fairly subtle.  It’s usually only when I’m sitting, laying down, or being still.  Sometimes I wish she’d throw in some karate kicks or something – I keep waiting for this movement to become bigger or stronger, and it’s not.  At 24 weeks, she’s supposedly over a foot long from head to toes, and over a pound… maybe she’s just a really low key kiddo?  But between that, and working opposite schedule of Hubster’s classes, and feeling lonely at work… I’ve just been feeling a tad, er,  emotional in my loneliness.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I love love love the sea and water. How nice with a day out. And cool to see where you are located. It takes time to get in to a new job routine and people, hang in there, you are doing great.


  2. Oooh. I LOVE Puget Sound! LOVE. I haven’t been there in years, and I haven’t ever been to Forks either. LOL. The beach looks nice… and cold! I’m with your hubby, brrrrr. And sharks. 😉 I hope things get more friendly at work. I know it’s super hard. I worked medical front office for YEARS, and you’re totally right about being blamed for everything that has nothing to do with you. Ugh. It’s hard to make good friendships there, I think partially because most medical offices have kind of a high turnover rate, so you’re worried about making friendships that won’t last, and they worry about making friendships that won’t last either. But *probably* once you’re fully trained and have been there for a few months… so they know you’re serious about staing… it should warm up considerably. But it is lonely. 😦 Maybe the baby bump will warm things up a little? Everyone loves a pregnant lady! 🙂


    • You’ve been up here? Well, if you’re ever this way again, let me know, we’ll have to grab coffee or tea or something 🙂 The pictures came out darker than it was… I don’t think it was really THAT cold, it was comfortable, but not the really HOT heat you want when dipping your toes in an ocean.
      At my job there actually are 3 receptionists that have been there over a year, but yes, there is a lot of turn over too. It’s a high stress, demanding job and a lot of people get into it thinking it wont be that intense…
      I don’t think the baby bump is winning me any love for the most part, I think there are some people that feel a little upset that I applied for this job, and didn’t state my pregnancy up front on day one. Because it will mean finding a replacement for me in roughly 3-4 months. But I’m doing a great job, they can’t find any fault to fire me for. When I mention something about the baby, or the nursery, or whatnot, some people get this awkward, strained look on their face like “don’t remind me”… so I try not to talk about it too much. Plus, scrubs are giant square shirts, so I don’t look pregnant. I went by work on my day off and one of the office-manager-types exclaimed “NOW you look pregnant!” Umm… ya, that’s because I’m wearing maternity clothes that show I have a waist, and a bump. *shrug*


  3. Looks like you two had an amazing time! I hope things get a little warmer at work.


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