Fair Time at 24 Weeks!

Today we went to the local fair… I don’t know that it is the “official” state fair, but it may as well be, as it is the largest one in this state (and according to their info brochure/map, one of the biggest in the country based in attendance). Since neither Hubster or myself are big “ride” people, we spent the majority of our free time touring the various barns, pointing out breeds of cattle, chicken, goats and sheep we like to my mom who gifted us with tickets – not just for the fair but to the pro rodeo finals being held there! It was fun to explain the difference between Jersey and Holstein, Angus and Scottish Highland, and dream of our someday future little farm…

The rodeo finals were great, all the goods of steer wrestling, roping, bucking broncs (horses – both in saddle and bareback) and of course bull riding! With a particularly spectacular intermission show of mutton bustin’ (little kids riding holding on with a death grip to sheep) which I think is about the most adorable thing on earth and can’t wait until our little girl is big enough. I think today’s kids ranged in ages 3-6!

It really was a great, low key day but was a LOT of walking and I’m pooped, I’m in bed and as soon as I hit post I’m turning out the light! But here is today’s 24 week bump shot… Compared to the others you can really tell she has grown in there! (and can see how tired I am lol)

24 WEEKS!!!

Back at 12 weeks…



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  1. Posted by SRB on September 9, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Looking GOOD, you pregnant lady, you! πŸ™‚


  2. Such a cute bump!!! The fair sounds fun. I’m all about the rides and the deep fried foods. Mmmmmmmm. I need to take my boy to a fair soon so he can understand why the “old lady who swallowed a horse” is “dead of course.” πŸ™‚ Oh the songs from kindergarten and children who are too literal. LOL.


    • I don’t mind rides, like Disn.neyland rides… but fair rides always seem to be too fast and too high and too scary for my anxiety-ridden self. Although, I should clarify: I LOVE fair food, but trying to be good about my diet and all that… I had a little too much fun over labor day and the scale jumped a bit, so I’m trying to fix it.

      HAHAHA, I haven’t heard that song in YEARS! Hm, maybe we should rethink this “kids” thing, πŸ˜‰ my opera-loving-ears are SO not ready for children’s music… babies and kids love opera, right? RIGHT?! Just tell me yes.


  3. I love the fair! Glad you had a good time, and get some rest!


    • I’ve been pretty good about forcing myself to go to bed a decent time, and take the pregnancy-safe-sleep-aid my midwife recommended, so I’ve been getting a full 8+ hours the last few nights. Tomorrow I’ll be able to sleep in, so that should be the last bit I need to get back to feeling like me old self πŸ™‚


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