On My First Day of Work, My True Love Gave to Me…

Thank you everyone for the congratulations and well-wishes!

The first day went pretty well! I tried to be a sponge and learn as much as possible, and make sure I was always doing something. Hopefully the work ethic showed!

However, between the 5am alarm (which may be normal for some folks, but is about 3-4 hours earlier than I normally get my insomniac butt outta bed) and the fast-pace of the clinic, I’m bushed. But eager to get to work tomorrow!

I can’t remember if I have written in it previously, but we are a big fan of baby hats. But the cute, frilly, ones you find in baby boutiques are usually pretty spendy. So I found a really cute set of patterns for cheap on eB.ay, and today after work (the joy of an early shift = getting off at 2pm!) Hubster and I went and utilized a 60% off coupon at the local Jo.An.ne Fa.brics … I was impressed that Hubster actually engaged in, and picked out, the fabric! I picked the buttons. I thought for sure he would like something more muted and “neutral” but he picked done very feminine prints 🙂 he is already so in love with this little girl! Check it out!





20120829-212954.jpgAnd YES – I know there’s pink, and we don’t normally like pink, but the blue fabric will be the majority of the hat, the pink fabric will be the ruffle edge.  And it is NOT “Bar.bie pink” or “He.llo Ki.tty pink” (Hubster’s descriptions of the very bright, neon pinks he detests.) it’s fun to see him get excited about something so girly!

After that we went and celebrated my first day on the new job at She.ri’s, mostly because they’re pretty affordable AND Wednesday is “Free Pie” night 🙂 yum! Blackberry Lemon Sour Custard Pie – I could eat an entire pie of that! Sweet and sour and oh so good! Good thing for my waistline we rarely go there. But it was very sweet of Hubster to suggest it today!


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  1. Yay for the early shift! Getting up early sucks, but getting off early is the best! I used to work that shift, and I LOVED having my day still be “mine.” 🙂 I totally laughed about the whole pink thing. Your husband would have killed me off. I love pink. I’m a purple freak, but I love pink. And I love all things vintage and victorian. You should go back and look at my nursery pics. LOL. I think you’d hate them! Hahaha. They’re probably exactly what you don’t want. 🙂 http://fruitsnacksandfreezerjam.blogspot.com/2011/06/nursery-pics.html


    • Lol! I actually really love Victorian stuff (did you see the pattern we’re using??) so I love all the scroll-y flourishes in your nursery pics! But I did have to laugh at the abundance of pink, that would not have soothed me. But I love how you really made that space your own! That’s the joy of all the colors – I remember once reading a home decorating book several years ago, and realizing that the homes and themes I loved tended to veer away from what most women like. I like dark, mahogany and leather libraries (its my dream to someday own a home with a “library room”). Our bedroom is inspired by the Northwest and done in greens and grays, it’s not bright, but subdued and cozy; the kitchen is dark blue and black with architectural pictures of downtown Seattle. (keeping in mind all color comes from bedding, curtains, dishes, art, etc since we can’t paint the walls… Someday we will live somewhere that we can paint!)


  2. So glad your first day went well! And the hat is going to be precious!


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