A much needed, non stressful day :)

Friday was a great day!

Started by meeting up with Alex, and getting to meet her adorable girls (I even got to cuddle one!!! Squee!!!) and then a very tasty brunch at I.hop, and then some shopping at a baby consignment shop (I scored some much needed maternity tops to carry me into the fall!)

It’s always awesome to hang out with a fellow blogger, and not feel rushed or anything. It’s amazing to think back over Alex and my’s visits, because she lives a little ways away so we visit infrequently, so that it seems like each visit memory is a time capsule of where we both have been in the last year. Oh I’m a nostalgic sap, leave me alone! 😉

After that great visit, I went to visit Jewel (because they live relatively close, so as long as I’m going to drive an hour+, might as well pack in as much fun as possible!) she has been knitting longer than me, and I’ve been stuck on a spot in one of my Christmas gifts for a while, so she helped me to fix it, and then we knit happily in peace for a while with “Bo.nes” on the background. Then ran to grab some dinner (teriyaki stir fry! Mmmmm! I’ve been trying to be better about getting more veggies in my diet, and Asian food is so great at doing that) then back to her house where we watched not one, but TWO birth documentaries. (one was her idea, the other mine) we watched “Pregna.nt in Am.erica” and the “The Bui.sness of Being Bo.rn”, and chatted about the differences and similarities, some of my hopes and fears for my birth. (the first is more low-budget, traditional documentary style with lots if facts and statistics, and I love that they actually flew to various countries to talk with people there about their experiences compared to American birth process which is very different. The second is a little more accesable/entertaining, a little shorter, with more footage of actual births taking place. Both i would highly recommend!!!) I know Jewel is going to be a great doula 🙂 even though it was a very “baby centric” visit I tried to return the conversation to other topics; her career, her boyfriend, politics (so tired of talking about politics but they seem to be a constant topic these days!) books and fav tv shows… I try so hard not to do the annoying self-centered-pregnant lady thing. I think the thing I love about our friendship is we can say nothing for hours, or talk nonstop for hours. And it is all perfect and comfortable, even when we disagree (stupid politics…). The only problem was I lost track of the time and didn’t leave until 10:45! At least there was no traffic so it was just an hour to get home.

It really was a great distraction from over-analyzing my interview. I have a sinking intuition that I didn’t get it, since I’ve had no reply to the voicemail I left. I’m trying to let it go, and focus on where to go from here. The rest of this month is totally packed, so I really should save my energy for the long list of concrete things to do and not waste it wondering about the clinic job. As much as it would have been great, I have no knowledge of the other candidates, and can only hope they found exactly whatever they were looking for! I’m looking forward, in a way, to the “unknown-ness” of September after this over scheduled August. I’m sad my current job is ending but I’m feeling optimistic that once it is done and I’m not working so much, I will have the time and energy to adequately job hunt and find just the right job for me!

And on an end note: I’m typing this post on my iPhone, so any typos I blame on these stupid tiny buttons and imperfect autocorrect!

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