Interview Summary, and I start getting crafty in the nursery!

Alrighty, an update on the interview.  My initial interview Tuesday went very well.  In many respects, it seems like the “perfect” job.  They have an incredibly impressive staff (6 doctors, including a naturopath and 2 ultrasonographers, both rare specialties) it would be “second shift”, meaning 2pm-10pm (I hate mornings, I’m a night owl)  and Hubster’s classes this fall are during the same hours, so instead of being on opposite shifts, we would have morning together, and then after the baby is born he could switch to morning class, and our baby would have minimal time with babysitters.  Anyway, so first interview went really well, I was super pumped.  Went in Wednesday for my working interview… and, well, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.  I loved it, but I couldn’t get a good “read” on the employees of if they liked me or not… I’m worried that maybe I was so focused on completing the list of tasks given to me, and didn’t show enough of my personality?  It’s such a fine line, to show your work abilities, and your personality… and of course before I left I forgot to ask when I should expect to hear from them!  Doh!  Trying to work up the courage to call and ask…

Some updates about the nursery, my incredibly generous Aunt P was insistent I pick out a sheet set from Pot.tery Ba.rn, and there are lots of beautiful ones to choose from, but this is what I chose… trying to go with our yellow/brown/farm theme…

The Courtney Collection. As seen on the Pot.tery Ba.rn Ki.ds website:

Because of the concerns with bumper safety, we chose to get the mesh bumper, instead of the one pictured.  Below is everything after it arrived (we don’t have the mattress yet, so it’s pictured sitting on top of an old comforter, that is the grey vine print, it wont be in there with the baby!)



Then my mom was very enthusiastic about me picking out curtains… I’ve been having a hard time finding something I like (who knew yellow curtains could be so hard to find?!) so she sent me to Joann’s, and this is what I came up with!  (Also, gotta love that between their sales, coupons and everything, this was significantly cheaper than buying curtains!)

Pictured alongside the sheets… I think it combines the yellow/grey of the sheets, with the pop of brown that will be elsewhere in the nursery!


The website I’m using for my inspiration and directions is this:

Curtains shown are made, and instructions on sewing are from

The grey and yellow fabric will be the top, the yellow with white and grey tulips will be the main curtain, and the brown and white stripes will be the tabs on the top, and the pipping running between the two yellow fabrics.  Since there is an electric heater that runs under the window I decided to make my curtains shorter (60″ instead of the 84″ shown) but I calculated the dimensions so the effect should still be the same.  (It was actually a surprising bit of math!  Not hard, just hadn’t had a need to do that much math in a while.)

I know it seems like a LOT of yellow, but there will be a chocolate rocking chair, chocolate-colored black-out curtains for nap time, a brown area rug, and art on the walls, so I’m hoping it all balances out!

*Update* I called the vet clinic where I had interviewed at… but the supervisor I did my initial interview with, and the head receptionist I did my working interview with, are out today.  I left a message on the supervisors’ voice-mail… we shall see!*


6 responses to this post.

  1. Crossing my fingers about the job! That sounds ideal!!! 🙂 And I love the nursery stuff! Especially the damask material! LOVE that!!!


    • Thank you! I’m in the anxiety-second-guessing-every-word-and-intonation phase… I suck at waiting. You’d think infertility would have gotten me used to waiting, sheesh!

      And I had a lot of fun looking at all the prints. It’s not what I had originally gone in for, but that damask really inspired me so I changed the plan, I think it’s still in the sophisticated-whimsy realm I was going for though!


  2. Cute nursery stuff! You should think about sending a thank-you note (if you haven’t already) after the interview. Just another way to jog their memories about calling you.


  3. I hope you get the job!
    And I also didn’t find any curtains to my liking, I bought some fabric and my sister did all the sewing (I don’t know how to sew)


  4. […] later that month took pictures of the (mostly empty) Nursery!  Then a later showcased some of the textiles-to-be in the Nursery.  Well, since then we have had a few gifts show up (one of which came yesterday and […]


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