High and Low

The good news: I got a call today (completely unexpectedly) requesting I go in for a job interview for a receptionist position at a vet clinic.  Apparently I applied to one of their “sister clinics”, and it sounds like they need someone ASAP.  Excited and nervous!  I only have one “professional” outfit that fits, and it’s not really “maternity”… so I’ll probably just look overweight, but at least I wont look like a slob.  Will let you all know how it goes!

The bad news: I got an email this morning from WordPress that apparently a post I wrote over a year ago violated someone’s copy-write … and I feel really bad, because I wouldn’t do something like that intentionally!  But the irritating thing is that WP already took the post down, I can’t go on and see what I did wrong, or just remove the one picture that is the problem.  So words that I wrote are just lost.  I made a mistake, but I can’t even fix it!  I’m feeling really emotional and sad about losing stuff that I wrote, that was important to me…

Well, after a very big, emotional day of highs and lows, I’m gonna go to bed so I can try and be sharp for tomorrow morning’s interview!  A few other exciting notes from the last few days:

Baby is kicking more, usually right after eating, or when I lay down in bed.  Last night she was kicking enough I could feel it faintly from the outside.  I yelled for Hubster, but he was walking the dogs, so by the time he got to be, she had stopped kicking.  I felt disappointed but he was a good sport, and said “I’m sure there will be chances to feel her kick in the future.”  Awwww, what a good hubby.  Last night he was especially awesome because I had a really sh*tty evening at work, so I called him on my way home and basically said “I’m in a bad mood and will need space when I get home because I don’t want to yell at you when you’ve done nothing wrong, but I’m super cranky” and by and large he gave me my space (except when he interrupted my attempt-to-relax-shower, trying to be a “shoulder to cry on” but I reigned in my temper). I just really appreciate that he didn’t get defensive or offended like some people might.

Ok, really, gonna go to bed now.  HAVE A GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I was going to say good luck with the interview, but I’m afraid I may be too late for that. How did it go?


    • It actually went REALLY well, I’m going in for a working interview tomorrow morning. I figured I would wait and see how that goes, and then post one thing about the whole experience. 🙂


  2. Woot! I hope you get the job! Fingers crossed!!! 🙂 And that is totally lame about WP doing that. At the very most, they should just remove the one thing that is a problem, not the entire post! Or give you a notice and a week to fix it, before removing the post. That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry. But the kicking is great! And the hubby sounds amazing, so glad you have that kind of support in your life!


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