Important Milestones

Hello to one and all.  Sorry for the delay in writing, life’s been hectic.  I found out that my job is for sure and certain ending at the end of this month, so I’ve been grabbing all the hours that I can, which means I’m either running errands, sleeping, getting ready to go to work, at work, or coming home from work.

Sunday I officially hit “20 weeks”.  Bump pics at the end.  (I always try to remember to put bumps and ultrasounds at the end in case people want to avoid looking at them.)  This weekend was the ONE weekend I have off the entire month.  You all saw the pictures of the crib we got on Saturday.  Sunday was church in the morning, followed by my friend Suzy’s baby shower.  It was actually a lot of fun, and in some ways I felt like I was just another “normal” person going to a friend’s shower.  There was one girl there that Suzy and I went to college with, and whom I haven’t seen in a while, so it was really nice to catch up.  Of the 6 girls total at the shower, 5 were married, and 3 of us were currently pregnant, while a 4th girl already had 2 kids.  What really amazed me was that 1)The topic of miscarriage/infertility came up at all, and 2)That 3 of us in the room had personally lost a baby, and for the other 3, they all had someone close to them that had experienced a miscarriage.  So everything that was  discussed was really intelligent and sensitive.  It wasn’t the “smug pregnant lady” that is oblivious to the fact that they could at any time experience a tragedy.  It was kind of weird though when the topic of “how many kids do you want” came up.  Everyone weighed in, based on their own family dynamics growing up, and their hopes for the future…  I mean, sure I’ve thought about what I would love to have in an ideal world… and it can be fun to daydream… but it’s hard to do that without also thinking “Isn’t it a little naive to think I can actually decide this?  I don’t even have this one yet!” but maybe that’s because I would love to have a bigger family, 3 or 4 kids, and that seems a tad unrealistic with our history.

Anyway, then Monday and Tuesday were mostly devoted to work.  However, the BIG NEWS, is that Tuesday, August 14th 2012, as I was sitting to lunch, I felt a very distinct  *bump* … *bump*  on my lower abdomen.  I can finally, officially say for sure and certain I felt the baby move!!!!  Then later in the afternoon I felt it again, down low *nudge*…*nudge*.  Kind of like someone just tapping you on the shoulder like “Oh hey, I’m here!”.  I might compare it to, when you spend time in the sauna or something, and come out and feel your pulse all over your body, on you skin?  So, like a “pulse” but not in line with the actual pulse of your body.  I’ve notice that in general I tend to feel things the most when I’m sitting and it’s quiet.  Probably with sitting it creates more pressure in my lower abdomen for me to be able to feel it?  I’ve been so worried that I haven’t been feeling anything, I’m over the moon to be feeling this baby!!!

Today was a feast day in the Orthodox church, so since I had the day off, we went to Matins, Liturgy and a big church luncheon.  It’s always really great when we have things to reconnect mid-week, and I love whenever we can all sit down and take our time over a meal.  (Most Sunday’s people will stay for a quick lunch, but they usually have other things to do so it’s a bit more rushed.)  Happy Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos!  (On a side note of baby movement, while in Liturgy I could feel a real *pressure* and when I went to put my hand on the spot, I could feel a tiny “ridge”, as if the baby had her arm or leg pressed against my side.  If we hadn’t been in the middle of church I would have grabbed Hubster excitedly and told him to feel, because it really was palpable from the outside.  However, after a few minutes she moved, so no such luck… I hope that everything continues going well and this wont be the last opportunity for Hubster to feel the baby.)
And now, to the bump update.  First picture on the left is me at 12 weeks, then the next picture is 20 weeks, taken this Sunday 🙂  When I was getting into the shower the other day I happened to glance a view of my belly in the mirror and suddenly thought “Wow, I really do look pregnant!”


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  1. Yea for being able to feel the baby! I have felt movements off and on for a couple of weeks but like you, it’s only when I’m sitting or laying in bed. Haven’t felt much today so I’m just trusting that baby is having a sleepy day or is in a position which makes it difficult for me to notice movements…


    • It’s so true, I wish sometimes I could just say “Hey, baby, could you please move about a little? Just for mommy? Pleeeease?” But as long as I feel something every day, I’m feeling pretty good 🙂


  2. Yay for the baby moving!!! Best feeling in the world! 🙂 I was high risk, and whenever my crazy mind would run away with awful worries, I’d drink some cold OJ and lie down… that sweet movement saved my sanity more than once! 🙂 I’m glad that the shower went well. It’s refreshing to meet people who are sensitive about all this stuff, they are rare and precious. And you look great and pregnant!!! 🙂 Love the belly!


    • I definitely tend to notice movement more often post-food 🙂 I feel so lucky that I mean so many really great people. I don’t know if maybe people are more “open” out here in the greater Seattle area? Since it’s such a high-education, liberal area? Or maybe that a large circle of my friends are Christian so that means we all have similar views on the value of life (So I don’t have to explain that I believe the baby we lost was a real person)? Either way, I definitely have so much more support out here then I did in Colorado.
      And thank you – I’m not always feeling that I look great, but I’m definitely feeling pregnant! I saw a picture of a friend at 38 weeks pregnant on facebook and am a little amazed I still have a lot more of body changes to undergo!


  3. You look awesome, momma! It is so surreal to feel that baby inside; glad to hear baby is having fun in there!


    • Thank you so much! Maybe one of these days I’ll post a picture of me where I actually do my hair and makeup lol.
      I can’t wait until I can differentiate between “oh, that is a foot” or “that’s her elbow!” 🙂


  4. Movement! How exciting! Sounds like you’ve been busy, but glad everything is going well!


  5. Huzzah! Movement is AMAZING! So happy to hear this! You look FAB 🙂


  6. 20nweeks – yeehaaa!!!!
    lovely, lovely bump!! 🙂


  7. Yay for reaching halfways, and yay for being kicked (probably the only time one would be pleased about that!), you’ve got a squirmy little muffin in there!


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