In Which I Take Too Many Pictures of The Nursery

Hey guys, you all remember this post, where I had lots of pictures of the spare-room-to-be-a-nursery?  Well, I have some updating to do!  A few weeks back, we moved the spare bed to storage. Which basically just revealed all the various piles of boxes and junk that was under the bed!  But here are some pictures:

Well, today we went to look at cribs with my dad, and we ended up getting it!  The store we had gone to look at did not have it in stock, but a nearby store did, so we drove over and picked it up!  Very exciting and unexpected – I wasn’t sure we would actually make the purchase today, let alone that it would be in stock!  We are so very thankful to my dad for this gift 🙂 we brought it home, but before we could bring the crib into the room, we had to make space.  We had done a little work over the last couple weeks on the nursery since moving the bed, but by and large it still looked like the above pictures show.  But we were highly motivated NOT to have a ginormous box in the middle of our living room forevermore, so we got to work.  And this is what we accomplished:


This antique shelving unit came from my mom, something she just had in storage, that we thought would work to hold books and toys!  And definitely cheaper than buying a new shelf!

This dresser was previously in our bedroom, and there was a larger dresser in here, but we swapped them.  This one now just holds baby stuff, and will double as a changing table.  We’re considering a few modifications, maybe painting it since it’s a little scuffed and whatnot… I want to paint it yellow (since the theme is yellow and brown, but most things in the room so far are brown) but Hubster is very opposed to the idea of a yellow dresser.  Opinions ladies?

Just look at that empty, freshly vacuumed carpet!

So then we*** set to work on the crib.  The kitties we rather suspicious (while we had been cleaning, we had locked them in the bathroom to keep them from being underfoot, so therefore they came out to a very different room than they had left!)

Rocco alert to any and all things that may jump out and eat him.

Bloom trying to pretend she doesn’t care, even though she’s tight as a drum.

“Where did all our stuff go?  No place to climb or hide anymore!!!”

It was fairly warm, so Hubster was doing this with shorts and sans top, so he requested no pictures be posts of him topless, so I have nothing else to share as it was actually put together.  But here is the finished product!

I put a few pillows in there to mimic a mattress since we didn’t get that yet.

We may continue to play around with where exactly all the furniture is placed, but at least we have all the major pieces (minus the rocker, but that is at least ordered!) and plenty of time to tweak things until this little girl joins us!

I realized today in reading Tanya’s post, that we haven’t put much serious thought into who we are going to pick to be this baby’s Godparent.  I know there are lots of various opinions on what that role entails.  Some people view it as more of a “spiritual adviser” type role.  Other people view a Godparent as someone who would take custody of the child(ren) if something were to happen to both of the parents.  We didn’t really reach any decisions, mostly came up with a number of important questions we need to answer before we can make the decision.

***And by “we” I mean Hubster.  He wouldn’t really let me do anything, he kept insisting I not lift or pick up anything that could potentially be heavy (regardless of if it really was heavy or not) so I basically sat there sipping ice water and feeling rather useless.


7 responses to this post.

  1. LOVE the shelving unit! It’s absolutely perfect for fairy-tale books (even if you are intent on getting the real thing scary Grimm stories :)) and toys!

    On the dresser – I think it’s best to have all solid pieces of furniture to match, leave the walls yellow, and let the bedding, curtains, and some other easily changeable items (lamps, pillows, etc.) create a colour scheme a bit broader than plain brown-and-yellow. Like adding pale green, or orangy pink or something… Since you asked for my opinion 🙂


    • Hey, you remembered my love of Grimm! 🙂
      I wish we could paint the walls but unfortunately we rent an apartment so painting isn’t an option. I am hoping that once we get art and curtains up etc it will help. We also want to find an area rug to cover the dingy rental carpet.
      We did talk about the possibility of sanding it down and staining it to match the crib and shelf, we’re just not sure that it is all solid wood :/ won’t know until we start sanding!


  2. Love the shelving unit! I am a complete vintage-a-holic. 🙂 Love it! And the dresser, by all means PAINT it yellow!!! I think that would be absolutely adorable!!! So exciting! I love the crib and I think in a few days you’ll be chasing the cats out of their “new bed” too. Ha! 🙂


    • I’m glad some other folks love the shelf, Hubster is not the biggest fan, but I think it bring a touch of that “sophisticated whimsy” I was going for 🙂
      We’re trying to keep the nursery door closed so the cats have limited access, I don’t want them to “play” with anything and end up ruining it, I’m not really sure how it’s all going to work when the baby arrives!


  3. The shelf is super cute, and I also vote yellow on the dresser! Sorry, but I think Hubster’s out-voted.


  4. Posted by SRB on August 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    It’s coming along! So exciting!


  5. […] with ideas I starting to form in August.  And then a little later that month took pictures of the (mostly empty) Nursery!  Then a later showcased some of the textiles-to-be in the Nursery.  Well, since then we have had […]


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