Family Time, Furniture and Flowers.

Well it’s been a busy couple of days.  Work, trying to fit in time with my friend Suzy, my cousin Blithe, my mom, trying to get caught up on cleaning and fit in job hunting!

Yesterday was the most whirl-wind because I had a WIC appointment in the morning, followed by a picnic lunch with my cousin, followed by dinner with my mom!  We were gone basically all day, so we decided to just bring the dogs along with us for the ride!  I don’t know that it was especially exiting for them, but it had to be better than sitting crated at home.

The weather for the picnic was great, a little overcast but warm.  Blithe leads a super busy social life, so it always means a lot to me when I can see him.  And it was especially unique in that we weren’t rushed.  We could sit and chat… until the post-food-sleepyness hit me and all my conversational skills went to crap.  Lol, oh well.  It really meant a lot to me that he was so respectful about the fact that we aren’t going to tell the baby name.  I could tell he really wanted to know what we were thinking, but he didn’t press.  And he also understands that we’re not going to be big on sitting our child in front of the TV, we had a whole conversation about the recent studies showing that children really shouldn’t be watching TV under the age of 4.  Even educational shows are not as beneficial as people want to think, because kids learn through interacting and doing, not by being shown on a screen.  And all the quick camera movements can actually rewire the brain, in a bad way.  Anything an educational show could teach our kids, we could teach them better just by interacting with them.  I think because Blithe is an elementary school teacher, he is a lot more aware of these kinds of studies, and is also really aware of just how many great and wonderful educational toys are out there.  Hubster is super excited when the baby is old enough for Li.nk’n’ and Le.go’s!

Dinner with my mom went pretty well.  The only thing is, I was still pretty sleepy (so again, conversational skills not so great – plus I had just seen her Sunday, and spoken with her Monday after the ultrasound, so it’s not like anything really exciting has happened since then.) but she has a hard time just “eating in comfortable silence.”  My thought is, we’re family, we can just enjoy each other’s company without forcing conversation, but I am really beginning to think my mom doesn’t know how to do that.  Anyway, I finally woke up enough that I was able to do the chit-chat thing.  She went online to the place we got out last diaper at (because they’re running a sale) and got us a second diaper with prefolds.  I walked her through which brand we wanted, and she picked out this pattern:

So cute!  We probably wont really get to see it until the shower, but that’s just fine 🙂  She also seemed to read my mind that I’ve been stressing about ordering the rocking chair, so after dinner we went to order that.  This was the first time Hubster got to see/sit in it, and he agreed it’s pretty fabulously comfy.  6-8 weeks, and then we should be adding this gem to the nursery!

And while we were at the Burlin.gton Fac.tory my mom had me pick out a couple tops (the number of shirts I’ve been able to wear these days is pitifully small, so I’m glad to add to what fits and looks nice!) and then when Hubster saw all the cribs they had he decided he didn’t really like the crib I had picked from Ik.ea so now we’re back to square one… but we both agreed that we liked this model, although it’s a tad more than the Ik.ea one, so I need to check with my dad (who had agreed to get us our crib and mattress) that the budget is still ok. What do you guys think?

Keeping in mind that it’s a “farm” theme for the nursery, we want something that looks a little on the rustic side…  Anyway, so we’re trying to plan to take some time on Saturday, and have Hubster and I really look at cribs, and Hubster has agreed to stop saying “I don’t care” when I ask for his opinion on baby stuff lol.

I’ve also been thinking about flowers.  See, my name has on here has been Bleeding Tulip, because of the bleeding tulip tattoo I got in memory of the baby we lost:

And I always knew that when we had other children, I would want other flowers for each of my kids, and form something of a “bouquet” on my leg.  There were a lot of reasons that I chose the fringed parrot tulip in white and red for the baby we lost, but one of them was that the baby would have been due in March, and tulips are a spring flower.  So I kind of want to choose a flower for this baby that is a winter flower.  I was thinking of using that flower name to call my baby on here (since I try not to use real names on this blog).  But then that got me to thinking… technically the baby we lost is my “Bleeding Tulip”.  So what does that make me?  Just “Tulip”?  I feel like, in light of this pregnancy I need a new screen name, but nothing so different from what I’m using that anyone would be confused.  Thoughts?


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  1. Oooh, I’m a flower junkie. Seriously, it’s an addiction. LOL. So a winter flower, of course first thought is “Christmas Rose” or just Rose for short. I always have loved those because out of the bleak cold and death of winter, comes this beautiful new life and hope. Love those. And for your screen name, when were you born? You could choose a flower that blooms around your birthday. Or just your favorite flower. I love hydrangeas most, but that’s quite a screen name! Ha!


    • Ya, I grew up with an avid gardener for a mom, so I love flowers too! My first thoughts on winter flowers were snow drops… But a little google research also brought up Cyclamen, Hellebore and Narcissus (Daffodils)… All really beautiful flowers! Thankfully I have some time 🙂 as for me, well I’m a March baby, and have always loved tulips, so that’s part of what led me to pick a tulip for the baby we lost. Maybe I could just be “Momma Tulip”?


  2. That chair looks really comfy! The crib looks very nice and the farm theme sounds cute!


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  4. […] spare room) back in June *shudders at the mess it was!* And then did an update with ideas I starting to form in August.  And then a little later that month took pictures of the (mostly empty) Nursery!  Then a later […]


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