Another Wildly Popular “Insomnia” Post

Today, well, yesterday, I rushed from church as soon as it ended. Why? Because I had agreed to an earlier shift than normal at work. Why? Because I wanted to get done earlier. Why? Because I wanted to go to bed earlier than my usual 11 or 12. Why? Because our big mid-pregnancy scan is Monday. Early. And what happened? Excitement, nerves, jitters, and a sugar loaded bedtime snack (woops!) has given me one hell of a case of insomnia. With a mild side-dish of anxiety (although I’m keeping the panic attack at bay with breathing exercises) and a dollop of splitting-headache.

I haven’t felt a lot of movement. Just sorta-kinda-could-be’s of movement. Which means it could all just be in my head, and we are going to get heartbreaking news tomorrow. Hubster went to bed reassuring me that he felt everything would be just fine, which was soothing… But now he is asleep so the only company I have in the dark is my paranoia.

I’m so tired. I so need to sleep.

Oh. And I’m officially 19 weeks. Last week we began the drawn out process of buying up diapers for our cloth diaper stash. Which I’m simultaneously ecstatic about, and totally crushed that we may be looking at one more momento to be cried over if we get bad news tomorrow. But I’m gonna share it anyway, because I’m feeling a little loopy and crazy.


Listening to hymns, saying prayers… It helps. It’s just tough to combat the sugar high that is forcing my heart to gallop at racing speeds. Stupid pre-bed snack!!!


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  1. Damn, I hate the midnight heebiejeebies. I find Suduko can help (Mr Stinky has it on his Ipodtouch) and listening to audiobooks (currently on the OldTestament!) simultaneously helps the mind shut off and listen, and sleep to hasten. But thats me and my set up.

    And wow, halfway already! fark. Everyone else’s pregnancies subjectively seem to pass sooo quickly!
    Hope it all goes swimmingly tomorrow, as I’m sure it will (ok, not ‘sure’ because I cannot sincerely offer false platitudes of things I can’t possibly know, but I hope you know what I mean!)


    • Wow, Sudoku and OT? That’s just hilarious. In the past sometimes I’ve put in a favorite movie (one I know EVERY line to, so I don’t *actually* have to focus so I can shut my brain off – usually either Mi.lo& or Empe.ror’s N.ew Gro.ove.)


  2. Posted by marwil on August 6, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Let us know how it went, ok. Lack of sleep is no fun, I need it too to function properly.


  3. Oh man! I’m so sorry! I hate that late night panic, all alone. Please let us know what happens at the appointment. Will be thinking of you and hoping! And those diapers are adorable, just saying… 😉


    • I’m formulating an updated post ASAP. (And thanks, I mostly love the ability to save money on cloth diapers, but I can’t deny it’s a plus that they come in all sorts of colors and patterns!)


  4. Cute, cute diapers! I hope everything went just fine today, and that that relief allows you a good night’s sleep tonight!


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