Catching Up from the Weekend

Here are some pictures from our Friday trip to the beach!

Blue sky, puffy white clouds, ferry dock in the distance, islands to the left, what’s not to love?

Hubster walking Emma (the daker one) and Radar (the red one) He wasn’t feeling especially photogenic at that moment!

And then of course my doggy, Glen 🙂

One of the thing I love about beaches out here is how the dense vegetation of the forests, in all their mossy-ferny-glory, come right up to the edge of sand and pebbles and driftwood, such a rich contrast!

I feel I need to do something to try and educate the public on a huge misconception of dogs, and their owners.  When I’m walking my dogs, that is not an invitation for you to come up and make chit chat with me.  What are you hoping to accomplish?  That we become lifelong friends?  I just don’t get it.  (But then again, I hate it when strangers try and talk to me on airplanes too.  Just leave me alone people!)  I’m out there, to enjoy the weather and the nature and the company of my husband and our pets.  I am in no way motivated to have stilted conversations with weirdos on the beach.  Also, don’t let your kids run up and pet strange dogs.  Children are the #1 recipient of dog bites – they have weird, intimidating body language and high pitched voices and get right into a dogs face.  It’s very intimidating, even on the nicest dogs.  (A side note: I don’t take my dogs to children playgrounds.  Do NOT take your kids to dog parks.  Again, you’re just asking for an injury to happen to your kid, even if a dog doesn’t bite them, when dogs are playing, I’ve seen them accidentally knock over a full grown adult man.  And I’ve seen them knock down kids to the point the child is injured.  It’s just not smart!)

The majority of dog bites do NOT come from “mean” dogs like pit bulls or rottweilers, but from chihuahuas and golden retrievers. Because people think they are sweet and cute, and push them over their emotional threshold.  Honestly, don’t even ask if you can pet my dogs.  While my dogs are really nice, the fact is I never know if something about your body language, voice, smell etc could overwhelm them and cause them to snap.  And really, I’m out there to have a good, fun, bonding time between me and my dogs.  Dogs are pack animals, you are either in or out of the pack.  They don’t have “acquaintances” in the wild.  I see nothing positive in forcing my dog to become attached to some stranger who they will never see again.  I’ve learned a lot about dog behavior, both from lifelong ownership, but also from my education to become a vet tech, and then working in the field, where at my last job my boss was a certified animal behaviorist.  You know who the nicest, most welcome dogs are?  Assistance dogs.  And no one is every supposed to touch them, if anything, people are supposed to ignore them.  This allows the dog to stay focused on their owner, and be less inclined to be on alert of what strangers are going to try and do.  So the next time you see someone with a dog, just ignore the dog.  Not in a mean, angry way, but in a way that allows the dog and owner to have fun.

Hubster was getting quite irritated with all the people interrupting out time together to ask us about our dogs.  Finally at one point he exclaimed “Next time we get a dog, we are getting the ugliest, mangiest, meanest looking thing, then people won’t want to come up and talk to us.”

When we got home from the beach we did more cleaning… we had such plans, specifically about the soon-to-be-a-nursery, but it was like that book “When you give a mo.use a co.okie” – we would think “Well, before we can move that, we really need to clean this one thing in this other room…”  So we got a lot done, it just didn’t make as big of a dent in the ROOM we intended to get it done in lol.

Saturday I met up with my Godmother in Oly.mpia.  We went and had lunch at an amazing little Jewish Deli, wandered the cutesy stores, and went in to the local cloth diapering store and got a ton of great information on the several brands they carried.  In truth, it was a bit overwhelming, but I really had a great time!

Sunday was church, followed by cake tasting!!!  It’s one of the few things I actually get to be involved in for the shower, and it was a blast.  Although, it was such a busy day, I basically ate junk all day, and it really showed on the scale this morning.  *sigh* More on that later… After cake tasting we loaded up the spare bed and took it over to my mom’s to put it in storage, and she ended sending us with an antique shelf-thing, we may try in the nursery (As a place for books and toys and such).  Then we went to Ikea to look at the cribs and confirm which one we have chosen.  We even grabbed dinner there (Not as good as homemade Swedish Meatballs I grew up with, but it was tasty and inexpensive!)  Then our friends Suzy and the Professor met us there to buy their crib (They couldn’t fit the box in their sedan)  Basically, by the end of it I was completely and utterly  exhausted.

I think part of it has been my less-than-stellar-diet lately.  I’ve just been getting caught up with lots of little things.  I know what I should be eating, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Eating healthy takes a lot of planning, and there are some days that I just totally drop the ball on planning the meals, and then I find myself completely ravenous, and I just eat the easiest thing I can get my hands on.  It also doesn’t help that my life really is pretty sedentary.  I spend a lot of time reading, or knitting, or checking blogs/email/Facebook from the laptop – all of which takes place on our couch for the most part.  And when I’m at work, the elderly lady I care for is very sedentary (hey, she’s 92, so it makes sense!) but there really isn’t much for me to do but sit with her.  I need to get back into my habit of taking they dogs to the park several times a week, and planning out meals for the week in advance.  The insomnia is getting worse (just generally having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep and I can only guess it will just get worse as the pregnancy continues) so that means my energy level is rocky.  I have random bursts of energy, that are usually used to clean/organize/pick up the apartment.

Ok.  No more excuses.  I’m going to put on my sneakers and go to the park with the dogs.  I’ve gained about 3 pounds this week (after keeping pretty much the same weight for several weeks) so I have to get up and move.  Ok.  This is me.  Getting up.  Really.  Gotta just do it!!!


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  1. I often have wondered about dog etiquette when we are out walking with our four year old. We are walking on nature trails that are meant for everyone, so I don’t feel like we are being too forward if we approach a dog that she is particularly interested in. However, there are usually some cues that one can take from the people on whether they want to be bothered or not. I would like to say that most of the time we are not intruding–in fact, there have been lots of times that the dog owners have been really more talkative and informative than I need/want. There are times though, that I have hurried my daughter along or told her we did not NEED to stop to talk to yet another dog, etc. Partially because I can sense that they want to be alone on the trail with their dog, partially because I don’t want to be bothered with small talk.

    You make some good points that I hadn’t really thought about and I will bear in mind next time.

    Beach looks nice, dogs are cute. 😉


    • It is true, it seems everyone has a different expectation (again, I defer to the airplane-seat-situation as an example!). I probably am hyper aware just because I have worked at a vet clinic and seen the aftermath of accidents firsthand. While the truth is my dogs are nice, I would hate to give a child the impression that all dogs are safe, and set that child up for an injury in the future. When kids ask if they can per my dogs I always tell them “never pet a dog you dont know” and just hope they aren’t too disappointed.

      Thank you for the compliments, the beach really is lovely, and I can’t imagine having anything else but the wonderful doggies we have 🙂


  2. Take care of yourself, hon. Get some rest, and feed that baby well! I struggle with meal planning, too, but when I can manage it, it’s so worth it. And no wonder people want to fuss over your dogs–they’re adorable.


    • Thanks, I know, they have got the patheticly-adorable-“pet me” expressions down to a science, I feel like such a meanie when I don’t let strange kids pet them! We have allowed kids we know to pet them, under very strict supervision. And of course the kids and dogs love it 🙂
      I did confess to Hubster my fears about my eating habits and he has been very supportive (he very “gallantly” offered to eat all the junk food so I wouldn’t be tempted haha) and I think that I got the wake up call I needed. Hubster accompanied me and the dogs to the local park, which really helps me to be motivated to go! The latest issue of “Parenting” magazine that I read this afternoon highlighted the health consequences of kids whose parents are overweight, so I think I got a proper smack upside the head.

      Just another reminder that I wish I had done a better job of losing weight and getting healthy before we got pregnant… But I can’t change that now!


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