Preggo SMASH!!!

Today was a “Saturday” of sorts for Hubster and I, so we started the morning by lazing in bed, chatting.  We were teasing one another about stuff that needed to get done, and Hubster was threatening to not help, or something along those lines, and I replied with “Don’t make the pregnant lady angry!  I’ll go all Hulk on you, only instead of getting big and green, just my belly will get bigger!”  To which he replied by waving his arms and yelling “PREGGO SMASH!”

We’ve been laughing about it all morning.

I love those moments.  We will probably keep this joke running the rest of the pregnancy.  Maybe this is a sign we should name the baby Hulk if it’s a boy?  Hulkette if it’s a girl?  😉

Something tells me this story is not nearly as funny to anyone else but us, but that’s ok.

Went on to have a very nice brunch of french toast, with all the trimmings of butter, powdered sugar, maple syrup and homemade berry syrup, and french-press coffee.  (I had about 1/4 of a mug, but it was so yummy!)  Then we attacked the room that is to be the nursery.  Cleaning all the sheets that go to the guest bed, boxing them up, and setting side the mis-matched sheets to donate to a crafty friend.  I’m very excited to move the guest bed into storage this Sunday, that should help me feel less overwhelmed about getting the room ready, although there are still some boxes and odds and ends to go through.

Hubster is working on his laundry.  And in a little bit we will head down the Point Defiance Park and walk the doggers along the beach.  Something we all enjoy.  A little fresh air, the waves lapping the shore, the dogs getting to wiggle and sniff dead seaweed.  I’ll try to add some photos if we end up going 🙂  then again, we may just continue lazing on the couch… decisions decisions!


2 responses to this post.

  1. sounds like the best type of weekend (IMO) – lazying around 🙂
    although the picture of a happily pregnant couple with dogs also sounds like the prefect kodak moment 🙂


    • It really was a great day. We had the lazy morning, and did eventually make it out to the beach (although it was a tad crowded for our taste so we didn’t stay very long… I’ll post some picts later!) and after the beach we had a second wind and got more organizing done!


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