Insomnia has been raging the last week. And of course, all the prescriptions I’ve taken in the past are a no-no while pregnant. I will get into bed, and my body is tired. My eyes are heavy with exhaustion. But then my mind starts racing, and I get to thinking about anything and everything. But more then anything, I’m very aware of my pulse. My acupuncturist had often talked about “pregnant women’s bounding pulses”, as the blood is increasing. And I seem to be feeling it. Like when you are overheated and can feel the pulse in your chest, in your fingers, on your skin. I’ve never had high blood pressure, I’ve always been normal to low. Could this just be a normal pregnancy thing, or could it be a serious sign of high blood pressure? The pulse isn’t racing, it is just very … I am just very aware of it.

Yesterday I had the day off and spent it catching up on cleaning the apartment, knowing that with pulling long shifts all weekend I just would not have time to do anything. I ran 2 loads of dishes. Laundry. Stripped the bed, flipped the (king size!) mattress all by myself, put on fresh sheets while cleaning the old ones. Vacuumed. In the evening I went to get my hair trimmed (first time in probably 6 months… The joy of long hair!). And then my dad, stepmom and 12 year old step sister came by and we went out for dinner.

I always enjoy to with my dad, and I’m always working to have better interactions with my sister. 12 can be a difficult age as she has a hard time sitting still, has a tendency to interrupt, and her train of thought regularly changes directions without notice. But I think dinner went pretty well, if anything I felt like I was the one dominating the conversation, I’m feeling all kind of stupidly-lonely and needy with Hubster out of town. I was very grateful for the family time 🙂

Now I just need to figure out how I can get more, deeper sleep. And I’ll be golden.


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  1. Posted by marwil on July 22, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Just don’t overdo things ok. Can the lack of sleep have something to do with that you are on your own right now, just a thought.


  2. Things might settle down a bit once your husband comes back again.


  3. I haven’t slept well in about a month… Sleep deprivation is my new normal–though I wasn’t expecting it until the end… 😦 Definitely going to ask my doctor for suggestions at my appointment on Thursday. I’ll let you know if she’s got any good tips or safe meds…

    I’m with you on the pounding pulse. I was nervous a couple weeks ago when I realized I was very aware of my heart beating every time I sat down to relax/sleep. I researched it, and like you, found that it is normal; yet it’s still a bit disconcerting!


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