I’m hoping that if I can be better about posting more frequently, my posts will be less length-of-war-and-peace-like.

Here’s hoping, hu?

Today Hubster flew out for a family wedding in Wyoming.  I wish I was going, because it’s out on the family ranch and a lot of those people I haven’t seen since our wedding, 4 and a half years ago.  But we couldn’t swing two plane tickets.  And I hate flying on a good day, and with being pregnant, I have made the blanket statement I wont be flying at all.  Besides my anxiety associated with being stuck in a small chair with nasty recycled air thousands of feet above the ground, I had some genuine health concerns.  A lot of airports have switched to those x-ray full-body-scans, and while I could request a pat down instead of going through since I’m pregnant, there is still a shockingly large amount of scatter radiation just from standing in the security area.  On top of that, flying in and of itself exposes the body to radiation.  (Flying from New York to LA is equivalent to getting a chest x-ray)  So no flying for me.  I’ll be home with the critters (because the logistics of both of us leaving would mean having to find someone to care for 5 pets too!) and working through the weekend.  I’m actually a little overwhelmed that I will be pulling 8 and 10 hour shifts, and have to take care of all the animals by myself on top of that.

In general I’ve been on emotional overdrive the last 24-48 hours or so.  Yesterday I had a full on break down about strollers.  Yes.  Strollers.  Just being so overwhelmed by all the choices and prices and thankfully my SIL called with perfect timing and we had a looooong chat where she helped me register for a stroller(Graco Lite.Rider ), and talked about the pregnancy, and her son (my nephew is feeling better, although getting stir crazy.  Can’t blame him!).  Then tack on the fact that Hubster has left town (for all of 4 nights, he’ll be back BRIGHT and EARLY Monday morning) and I’m just feeling a tad weepy.  Which is really annoying me, because it used to be that his work would take him out of town roughly 10 days every month and I didn’t get this upset!  I guess it’s just a mixture of pregnancy hormones and the fact that I’ve gotten spoiled having him around all the time.

<—The stroler we registered for, in case anyone cares 🙂

Last night as we were watching So You Yo.u Can Da.nce (guilty pleasure we both enjoy!) I realized that my jeans have started pinching into my tummy.  Between the comment last weekend about how I didn’t look pregnant, (probably because instead of wearing maternity clothes I’m just wearing my fat clothes) and my jeans getting uncomfortable, I went on a hunt for inexpensive maternity jeans.  I started at J.C.P.enny, but their selection was really pathetic, so I wandered toward the mall’s maternity store,(which I really had hoped to avoid because they are expensive) and decided to pop into Se.ars since it was right next to it: SCORE!  Found a great selection, including a generously sized rack of steeply discounted jeans ($19.99 a pair!) so I found 2 that fit and left before I got sucked into looking at cute tops or dresses.  Jeans were the goal, and jeans were gotten! One pair is “under the belly” and the other is “mid belly” so they have different fits/pros and cons.  I’m just really excited about my find (the jeans were originally priced at $36 and $40!  Some of the jeans in there were originally over $50!) and having pants that fit other then the dumpy looking yoga pants I put on to take Hubster to the air port, and that I embarrassingly went shopping in.

Also last night we decided to add a few just plain “fun” items to our registry, to reflect our love of The Bi.g Theory, Star Tr.ek, and specific sports teams.

Because, regardless of it’s a boy or a girl, they can love all these things too!

Well, I need to get in the shower and walk the dogs before I go into work.  The sun is bright and shiny, and I hope you all are having a great day!


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