Where does the time go?

Sorry for that post, with no good follow up.  What can I say, just busy with life.

My nephew had surgery on Saturday (they postponed it for a few days, trying to see what impact antibiotics would have and waiting for their preferred surgeon to be available.)  The surgery went well, they got out a lot of the infection and he went home the next day.  The doctors sound very optimistic about a full recovery, the biggest concern now is making sure the surgery site heals well.  Thankfully my mom was able to fly down and help for a week, so now that he is out of the hospital, the family can catch up on unpacking and getting settled.  Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers!

Also in there, over the weekend I hit 16 weeks!  Pictures below…  By and large I feel great.  I’ve always been a wimp about the heat, but I can definitely tell it is affecting me more than usual this summer.  Living in the Pacific Northwest means we have fairly mild, temperate seasons, but there have been days, or moments, when the heat has really hit me and I’ve had to teak a break and sit down from whatever I’m doing.  A little recap of the weekend:

Friday I went out to visit Polly.  We haven’t seen each other in quite a while, but she recently bought a horse so it was a good excuse to spend time together.  It was actually really great, it was just the two of us and we weren’t overly rushed.  She leads such a busy life, and with 3 partners it’s next to impossible to get time together alone without interruptions.  I told her about my nephew, and she got quite upset, stating she didn’t even know I had a nephew.  It just was a bit eye opening to realize that because we see each other so infrequently, and when we do the conversation is usually focused on one (or more) of her relationships… it was just so sad to realize that something as simple as that fact that I’m an aunt to 2 nieces and a nephew never came up (although, I kind of doubt it really has never come up, but it probably has only been said once or twice and she forgot).  I’m not really sure what to do with the realization.

Saturday Jewel and her boyfriend H came down, and we went to the car museum.  I’m not a big car fan, but we got a deal on one of those coupon-sites, (which actually didn’t end up working for our visit, so we had to pay regular entrance, but since we’d already driven across town, and payed for parking, and gotten all excited, we couldn’t not go!) and it turned out to be really cool.  Instead of being about the hottest-fanciest-car, it really chronicled the history of the automobile, from 1900, through the Prohibition (custom vehicles with hidden compartments for rich people who wanted to sneak their libation), on to the Depression (forcing a lot of car manufacturers out of business) and on, through various culture shifts.  The thing that really struck me was how individual cars used to be – special paint jobs, custom touches, form was just as (if not more!) important than function.  I think that it’s sad we have lost that, and not just in automobiles, but in a lot of other things including homes and architecture in general.  After the museum we came back to our apartment and made ribs.  Which were amazing!  However I took my wedding rings off to put the rub on (and placed them very specifically on top of the microwave), and with visiting and everything I kind of forgot to put them back on, and when I went back on Sunday they were gone.  Hubster and I tore the kitchen apart, took everything off the counters, looked under the appliances with a flashlight, down the drain, took the garbage disposal apart…  All I can think is that one of the cats must have jumped up, knocked them off, and played with them until batting them into some teeny tiny crevice of a black hole.  I keep hoping I’ll find them, but with each passing day the hope dwindles.  However, there was also great news – I was talking with Jewel about our search for a doula (long story!) and she offered to be ours!  Which is probably the best out of any of my ideas of what to do, because she has known me for so long (since elementary school) and of all the people in our child’s life, she will probably be the one person who isn’t technically related, but will be called “Auntie Jewel”.

Sunday, after church we got a call for an impromptu invite to a BBQ with a group of people from our church.  It was really great, a similar group of folks that we had celebrated the Fourth of July with.  A couple of the ladies asked how my mom was doing, and when they were going to see her again.  That really meant a lot to me, and I passed along the sentiment to my mom.  It really would be great if she could add some new friends 🙂  they also asked for an update on my nephew (since I had sent out a prayer chain) and were all very relieved to hear he is on the mend.  The only weird part was one woman, who I had not previously met, overheard I was pregnant and said “Oh really?  You don’t look pregnant at all!”  Ummmm…. seeing as how I’m 220lbs, I either look pregnant or fat.  So…. thanks for calling me fat?  I know she didn’t mean it that way, but I just had to share the less-then-thought-out things people say to pregnant women sometime.  It probably doesn’t help that while I lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant, all that means is that as my belly grows, I’m growing back into my fat clothes, which don’t look like maternity clothes…. but maternity clothes are so expensive I have to pick and choose what I really need vs. what I want.  Maybe I would look more “pregnant” and less “fat” if I was in stuff that looked more legitimately like maternity clothes?

Anyway, here is the pictures.  The first one is me at 12 weeks, then the second is me this last Sunday at 16 weeks.  I know the lighting is different so it makes it look a little wonky.  Whatchya gonna do?


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  1. Okay, that lady is just crazy. You clearly look pregnant. Maybe she somehow meant it as a compliment? I don’t know.

    So glad your nephew is doing better!


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