Symptoms nobody talks about

It’s interesting to me, what gets discussed as common “pregnancy symptoms” and what does not. Don’t get me wrong- I love being pregnant and am thankful to be pregnant. But what I was told to expect, and what I’ve experienced have been very different.

Most people know that one “bene” of being pregnant is that the extra blood flow, prenatal vitamins and unicorn magic means you suddenly have great skin and hair.

Except I’ve had a persistent bacne breakout, along with painful breakout along my chin (the swollen red bumps you can’t pop). And of course the acne on my backed is JUST out of my reach to pop. And my husband, who can stomach all kinds of gruesome highway motor vehicle accidents as a firefighter, feels strongly that asking him to pop my zits grosses him out. Go figure?

Oh, and the hair? Well I’ve always had a few hairs on my chin/neck that I’ve had to tweeze (I am a brunette that way) but since pregnancy they have greatly multiplied! Every time I look in the mirror there’s some new intruder! I broke down and got an at-home-waxing-kit. Except it’s really not as effective as going to a professional. Ive got three tweezers spread out around my home and vehicle so i can attack them as I find them. And the hair on my head? I swear it’s shedding more than usual!

Lots of women know that it’s common in pregnancy to get constipated. I haven’t really dealt with that, but apparently something has changed in that department because I have caused our toilet to get clogged several times. I don’t know what’s changed, I don’t feel like anything has changed. But it’s really embarrassing, even though it’s in my own home. (plus just the general gross factor of having to use a plunger). I like to think that it’s just the stupid old toilets fault…

Before I even got pregnant I had the-worlds-smallest-bladder, and now? I have to go more frequently then my friend who is 10+ weeks further along in her pregnancy then I am. My underwear is generally always damp… It may be stupid pride but I refuse to get Depe.nds or some such thing. It’s not like my pants are damp, right? Of course as this baby gets bigger… And eventually starts kicking my bladder… I may have to suck it up and buy some. But it is just one more humiliating thing in the bathroom department.

On the upside, I can’t deny I’ve had it pretty easy. Minimal nausea in the first trimester. The one instance of spotting was early on, very minimal, light brown and was quickly ruled as being no real concern. Yes I get up 1-3 times per night to pee but I also don’t usually have to be anywhere very early in the morning, so I regularly sleep in. I had some tiredness in the first trimester, but it wasn’t as terribly intense as many women experience.

So now you know! All the things I think of saying when people ask me “hows the pregnancy going?” and I reply “fine” because so much of this is just to embarrassing to admit.

Just a few things I wasn’t aware could or would happen during pregnancy.


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  1. Posted by DandelionBreeze on June 28, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    I agree… I was never aware of those symptoms ! Can be awful… hope they improve for you 🙂 Thinking of you and bub xo


  2. In both of my successful pregnancies, I had acne through the first tri, but then it cleared up. And I hear you on the unruly misplaced hairs. I have three in my chin and one in a mole on my arm (totally gross, I know) that I was having to tweeze on a weekly basis.

    The body oddity that totally threw me this last time tho was a vericose vein on one of my labia (tmi). I knew about the possibility of hemmoroids, but no one talks about the other vein issues that you can have in that region. Thankfully, it cleared up shortly after Pip was born, but urgh, it was not fun.


    • Wow, varicose veins on your lady bits? I’m so glad you shared that! Never fear about TMI; it just help reassure me I’m not alone in the world! I have to admit – as stupid as this sounds – there are times where the idea of hemorrhoids is significantly more terrifying than the idea of giving actually giving birth. At least it sounds like the worst things clear up after pregnancy is over!


  3. Posted by Babylicious on June 29, 2012 at 5:08 am

    This is my current pg to a T! With my son, it was glowing hair/skin….the whole nine yards. I’m having a girl this time….maybe you are too!


  4. I shed horribly in my first pregnancy. Broke a vacuum! The poo thing – the baby is draining more nutrients out of what you eat so the waste is actually less amount, but denser, more solid. You may want to start snacking on metamucil wafers which will add fiber material so it’s not as solid. You’ll thank me later!


  5. I had more hair when pregnant, too – got some extras on my chin. I am no longer pregnant, but they are still there 😦

    And I was not constipated until later into pregnancy. In fact, the first months I had something like diarrhea, but that was probably caused by the progesterone pills.

    PS Great skin and hair didn’t start until later in the pregnancy for me. I am now losing that hair in bunches…


  6. I had many similar pregnancy symptoms. I agree, a lot of them were a huge surprise.


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