Early Nesting?

Blame it on my mom. She’s constantly asking me my thoughts on everything from diaper bags and rockers to nursery themes and baby names… So I’ve been doing some thinking! Well, I’ve been thinking for a while.

I don’t tend to like typical “baby nursery stuff”. I don’t like cartoon-y stuff that only works in a NURSERY. I like stuff that I would think would look nice in other places or rooms. If there was one word to describe my desire it would be “sophisticated”. So while we have decided on a barn/farm theme in the colors yellow and brown… We want a rocking chair that would also look nice in our living room when the kid no longer needs a rocking chair. We want art on the walls that looks interesting enough to hang elsewhere when our kid gets old enough to decide they want something else.  (Please don’t misunderstand me.  I know I’m in the minority here, and all my friends have very cute nurseries, this is not a diss on their styling.  Only a recognition of my own aesthetics.)

To start, I would like to share some pictures of our guest spare room as it currently sets. (that’s right folks- prepare yourself for a spare bedroom that has not been recently vacuumed or tidied up!)

Doorway to the room.

Walking into the room…

The guest bed, covered with laundry, beneath the window….  Bloom is sniffing Hubster’s shoes…

Another picture of the corner the bed is in…The dresser sits next to the bed…Next to the dresser is the closet.From the closet you turn right toward the doorway.Right now next to the door is a coat-rack, and kitty scratching post (Hi Rocco!)

Hanging on the wall is the firefighter “tapestry”, below is a laundry bin, litter box, and various boxes of odds and ends we never could find a home for in the apartment.

I want to clarify a few things about this room.  While technically a “guest room” we’ve never actually had anyone come and spend the night… so the room has turned into the room where, if you can’t find a place for it, it goes in there.  It also acts as Hubster’s “closet room”, meaning his clothes, dresser etc are all in that room and closet while my clothes take up the entire closet and dresser of our master bedroom.  (I’m not sure how we are going to fit all our clothes into one closet… but that’s a headache for another day…and I swear we don’t have more clothes then a normal couple!!!)  This spare room was also a room I gave Hubster full reigns to decorate, so of course he decorated it with his firefighter memorabilia.  (Going to be interesting pulling that stuff out and finding room for it in the rest of the apartment!)  The bed in this room is actually a very nice bed, and originally an expensive bed, so we don’t want to just get rid of it. We will be putting it into storage.  The dresser… well, I think Hubster wants to find space for it in our bedroom. It’s not really my aesthetic… I would love it if we sold it… but probably in the end it will wind up in our bedroom. *sigh*

So what’s my plan?  Well, pull everything out and clean it (obviously).  Then the “theme” is “Farm” (because I couldn’t decide on just one animal) in the colors Yellow and Chocolate, which I  pulled from the art we picked out for this room.

  I really wanted sheep…

Hubster really wanted Scottish Highland Cows…

  And we both really loved this owl picture!
So these art pieces will hang on the left wall when you first walk in… where the firefighter “tapestry” (aka towel) is currently hanging.

Then rockers… Ok, I know lots of people love the wooden rockers with cushions over them… but I just can’t imagine that in my living room someday.  I wanted a rocking chair that would look like a nice, cushy chair.  We don’t plan to “rock the baby to sleep”, but our couch is really old and uncomfortable.  I wanted a place to nurse, read stories etc that would be comfy.  Well, rocking chairs that look like sofa-type chairs are expensive, but I finally found an affordable option!

This I imagine going in the left-hand corner, where the foot of the bed/pile of boxes currently resides.  With some kind of tall lamp?

As for the window treatments, I am envisioning some long sheer curtains in yellow, with a second layer of dark brown curtains to act as black-out curtains for when baby is sleeping.

Something like this…

Plus this!

A co-worker from my days at the vet clinic has offered her daughter’s crib to me (her daughter is maybe about 5?  So it’s not something I would be worried about lead paint or anything.)  Not sure I would have picked it out, but a free crib is a free crib!

This was the picture she sent to me of it!  It will go to the right of the window.

Then I’m planning on taking my current dresser that is in our bedroom and turning that into baby’s dresser, because it is low enough to also work as a changing table.

As an Orthodox couple, we also have a cross and some icons in our bedroom, as well as out living room, so we plan on also having some in the nursery.  We aren’t ostentatious about it, but these pieces of religious art are an important reminder of our faith throughout the day and during prayer times. (Here is a link that explains Orthodox views on icons very succinctly)  The nursery will have a cross, with icons of Christ, the Theotokos (Mary holding Christ), the baby’s patron Saint and an icon of Guardian Angels.

An example of our bedroom:

  Starting at the cross and going clockwise: Christ, Guardian Angels, Saint Kyriake (my patron Saint, sister of Photini who was “the woman at the well”.  Photini and her sisters were martyred for their faith but not before performing many miracles)  I bought this icon at the monastery I went to right before conceiving this pregnancy! Saints Joachim and Anna (Mary’s parents – her parents were older and infertile when they were blessed with her birth) This was our first icon, a gift from the priest of our first Orthodox church in Colorado.  He gave it to us after we told him about our infertility and miscarriage.  Then the Theotokos (Mary holding Christ), a gift from Hubster’s Godfather after he was Baptized.

 These are in our living room. Left to Right: Saint Florian (Hubster’s patron saint – he is the patron saint of firefighters.), The Theotokos, Three-Bar Cross, Christ, upper right is Saint Xenia (pronounced Zen-ee-ah), lower right icon of the Holy Resurrection of Christ, a gift from our church after we were Baptized and Christmated.

And then planning to finish the room with some kind of yellow and/or brown area rug to cover the blue carpet…

And THIS is my FABULOUS artistic representation of the room via Micr.osoft Pa.int!

I hope you all enjoyed the abundance of photos and links about Orthodoxy…  It’s been a stressful week and this was a fun post to put together!  A quick update on pregnancy symptoms: most notably the Relaxin hormone must be starting to spread, and since my uterus now fills my pelvis (and everything that was in my pelvis has now been pushed out) I find rolling over in bed, and getting up from the couch to be a tad more difficult.  Mostly it just makes my pelvis and lower back feel achy and sore.  Nausea ad food aversion is pretty much gone!  Feeling more energetic, looking forward to entering the 2nd trimester tomorrow!



6 responses to this post.

  1. If I ever get to decorate a nursery, I don’t want typical baby stuff, either. You’ve definitely thought everything out. How long before you get to have the fun of putting it all together? Oh, and I love that owl picture, too!


    • Well, I’m thinking of planning a weekend next month, in July, to empty the room and clean it to start with. My mom has a great storage place next to her condo she said we can use for the bed. We will need to go through the boxes and figure out if there is anything we can just get rid of, and then figure out new homes for everything that is staying. Ideally I would love to rent a carpet steam cleaner, and steam clean all the carpets in the apartment. (The end of this month is the official 1 year anniversary of living in this apartment, and the carpets could just use a little TLC since we do have pets.) So that will be a BIG project, but we can’t really start the fun of decorating until it’s done. I’m in the process of trying to figure out a time to get the crib… And then it will also end up being based on when we can slowly start accumulating stuff (hopefully that people generously gift us because we have such a sight budget)

      Thank you for liking the owl – I love that piece the most too!


  2. We had the same room/closet. We ended up having a giant closet built in another part of the house so things like vacuums would have a new place to live.

    Can the bed be brought out, put against a wall with pillows so it becomes a daybed,couch?


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  5. […]  If you will recall I first took pictures of the room (when it was a catch-all spare room) back in June *shudders at the mess it was!* And then did an update with ideas I starting to form in August. […]


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