I survived a weekend with my family. And The Great Midwife Hunt is over.

I don’t have a ton of time to write this, so I will try to keep it succinct.

-Drove over to the other side of the state with my mom.  My mom get’s pretty tired out from long drives, and was getting pretty cranky near the end, but wouldn’t admit to being tired (and is also insanely overprotective of her car) so she wouldn’t let me drive.  My mom has a tendency to get stressed easily, and then take out her grumpiness on me (instead of confronting her mom or whoever it is that is actually making her upset.)  I called her out on it several times, but it didn’t really make for the most fun vacation ever.

-We stayed at my grandmas.  I love my grandma, but it can be difficult to find stuff to talk about with her, she rarely leaves her house, and is completely obsessed with her new dogs that she calls her “babies”. (gag!) She also keeps kind of weird hours, and takes forever to make a meal, which this pregnant lady had a hard time with (But it’s not like you can snap at your grandma for taking too long to make breakfast, or staying up late watching TV with the sound up loud because she’s hard of hearing!)

-I absolutely adore my cousin who graduated from high school, and was really glad I got to see her.  Her two sisters, and her mom and dad, are some of the coolest family I’ve got.  I just wish I could have spent more time with them, but it was a whirlwind weekend!

-There were other folks I wish I would have been able to visit with in the area, but my mom wasn’t very willing to help me see them.  And I was frustrated that I couldn’t go to church Sunday morning even though there was nothing planned at that time.  And I would have liked to have gone to the cemetery that my father’s parents are buried at…  Like I said, my mom is a little weird about her car.  Next time, I’m driving my car so I wont feel so trapped.

-I’ve noticed that at certain points, if I really focus, I can start to feel the uterus above the pubic bone.  Which is really exciting!

-This morning I went and met up with midwife N.  She was wonderful!!!  Very warm, and I think it’s going to work out.  She addressed my weight, but in a kind and thoughtful way, and is having me meet with a friend of hers who is a dietician so that I will have support during the pregnancy to keep the weight as low as is healthy.  Her facility is really nice, clean, comfy with breathtaking views of the lake from one side of the windows.  It’s a quick 30 minute drive from our apartment, so not too far.

-She also took out the doppler to listen to the heartbeat.  (She could hear it, but I couldn’t really…)  Then because I couldn’t hear the heartbeat she turned on her little ultrasound machine and I got to see baby!  It was a little difficult to make stuff out, but she pointed things out as the baby wiggled around.  It was really wonderful to have confirmation that baby is still alive!!!  Unfortunately, because I didn’t know she would do that stuff today, Hubster hadn’t come with me (thinking this was just a generic meet-n-greet) so he missed it.  😦  And her printer was running out of ink so the ultrasound pictures came out super light… but as it was unexpected, I was excited to get it!

I did my best to edit the photo so it’s easier to see.  Baby’s head is on the right, body is on the left.  It’s easier to make out in the top photo.  I definitely cried a few joyful tears when I saw got to see baby wiggling about!


3 responses to this post.

  1. adorable! how far along are you?


  2. So glad you found a midwife you like! How exciting to get another ultrasound–and the fact that she did it just to reassure you–she does sound great!


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