Vitamen Palooza. The Great Midwife Search. And Other Random Nonsense!

It’s a common medical question.  “What medications are you on?”

My pat answer is “Prenatal vitamins.”  But the truth is so much more involved than that…

I have three vitamin weekly pill vials, because I have to split up my vitamins into morning, noon and night.  Let’s take a look-see at what I really should say when the nurse asks me “What meds are you taking?”

Prenatal Fish Oil w/ EPA and DHA (3 capsules total) for a total of 2200mg
Calcium supplement (3 tablets total) for a total of 750mg
Prenatal multivitamin (3 tablets total)
Pro-biotic (1 capsule)
Collagen (1 tablespoon) for a total of 5,000mg – trying to keep the stretch marks to a minimum
Vitamin D-3 (2 tablets) for a total of 2,000IU – since I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest which means it’s very green, but very little sunshine.
Fiber packet (1 packet per day) for a total of 4g of fiber.
Folic acid (3 capsules) for a total of 2,400mcg

I can”t vouch for one brand over another, I basically try to find the best priced item and go with that, but of course everything has a reason.  Doing everything I can to keep this baby healthy!

As I previously stated, we have yet to settle on a midwife.  The problem became obvious early on.  I had to contact about a half a dozen midwives to finally find one willing to meet with me, midwife S.  With a December 30th due date, it appears almost all of the area midwives wanted the holidays off, which means not taking on clients due in that month.  At the same time, I was also working with Group Health clinic, who was what my insurance covered.  That would be midwife E, the one that did our heartbeat ultrasound.  Well, I initially met with midwife S, but she only offers birth services at a free standing birth center.  The center is AMAZING, and I would LOVE to birth there.  But the center has certain regulations in place to only accept super low risk women, which means that with my weight, if I gain more than 10 pounds, I would be considered “too high risk” but the center to birth there.  If that wasn’t stressful enough, the midwife, while nice and very professional…  I got the feeling she took me on as an obligation, because she will be gone the first half of the month of December, and was trying to avoid taking on December clients.  She told me, when it came to my weight and health, that she would tell me the information, and then it was up to me to make it work.  And she wouldn’t “hold my hand or coddle me.”  I don’t really want to be coddled… but there is a lot of fears I have, and would like at least a little hand holding… and I don’t want to feel like someone is taking me on obligation.  And I can’t be stressing myself out in case I gain 12 pounds instead of 10, I need to have a more reliable plan than that.  So that lead me to focus in on what my options were with Group Health.  As much as I really liked midwife E, the way Group Health clinics work is that a number of midwives are on rotation, so they can’t guarantee which midwife you will have on the day of your delivery.  Couple that with the fact that they only offer hospital birth, it caused me to pause.  Then throw in that I lost my job, and continuing the Group Health insurance is super expensive… so I applied for and got medical assistance through the state, but the medical assistance is limited in who is covered, and it would be complicated to try and continue to work with Group Health with the state medical.  Ok… well the I was telling the woman I work for about some of these issues and she recommended a midwife (midwife N) who has her own birthing center, and is located about 30 minutes from where I live.  This woman has decades of experience, her website showcased quite the impressive resume.  I emailed her Thursday morning… with no reply.  I was disappointed but not overly surprised, I was well aware how difficult finding someone for a December birthday would be at this point.  After lots of discussion with various friends, one of the local hospitals, Hospital J kept coming up as being very midwife-water-birth-friendly.  So I called them this morning.  Yes, they are covered by the state medical assistance.  And yes, they have midwives.  So I have a consultation with one of their nurses on Thursday.  Then I finally heard back from midwife N this afternoon, I guess she had emailed me back, but it went to my spam box.  Stupid email filter…  Any-who-zers, I have a consultation with midwife N on Monday.

Honestly, I just want to find someone that I have a connection with.  Someone who isn’t going to make me feel like crap for not being a size 2.  And someone who will support my pursuit of a natural, water birth.  (And yes, I know that there are things that can happen that would take that option outside of my hands – I don’t know why people feel the need to tell me that whenever I say I have such a “radical” birth plan.)  If it takes place in a birth center or a hospital, all that matters is that I’m treated like a real person – not a faceless number, a paycheck or an obligation.

Yesterday I did some shopping with my mom to get some new bras (Since I was completely overflowing out of my old bras) and got a few things for the summer as my tummy expands (such as a bathing suit and a few tops).  It was really great, but I really wish people would stop asking me “So, what do you hope it will be, boy or girl?” (like one of the salesladies…) and I always say “We just hope it’s healthy” and that is usually enough but not this lady!  “Oh, everybody says that, but everyone always actually has a preference, my daughter was so disappointed when she had a boy because she had secretly been hoping for a girl.”  If the woman hadn’t been so wonderfully helpful in getting me fitted for bras, I would have looked at her and said “We lost our last baby in a miscarriage.  So that was a dead baby.  This time, we just want a live baby.  But thanks for reminding me, because I don’t struggle with paranoia of losing this pregnancy everyday enough as it is.”  GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I ended the day with the news that the elderly woman M that I care for broke out with shingles over the weekend.  I went in today to get a titer test, but it will take 5 days to come back.  So I’m going to miss an entire week of pay.  The daughter P was really nice, and basically told me it was completely up to me, whatever I was comfortable with.  The fact is that as long as I don’t touch any of the lesions, and wash my hands a lot, I should be totally fine.  But I just can’t take a risk.  And P completely understood.  But really feeling frustrated about losing the work.

In an attempt to find the silver lining: I’m marathon-ing True Blood episodes until the season 5 premier this Sunday.  Which I will get to watch after a weekend spent on the other side of the state visiting with family.  And I have 2 consultations lined up, at hospital J and with midwife N.  Things can only be looking up, right?


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  1. Good luck with the midwife search. It sounds like it can get frustrating, but in the end, all that matters is that you find someone you trust.


  2. Surround yourself with positive people who support your birth plan and preferences. That is the #1 most important thing IMO. I don’t understand the doomsdayers who predict bad outcomes for mothers who hope to have an unmedicated birth. Do they tell elective c-section mothers “be careful, you could die b/c of anesthesia complications!” — of course not! UGH. Good luck finding the perfect midwife practice for you!


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