An All Around Great Day

So after 2 rather do-nothing days of taking care of a sick doggie (who seems to be feeling much better, yay!) today I actually had some things to do!  Now, don’t get me wrong, it was actually really nice to have a couple do-nothing days.  I hate telling people “no”.  I feel like if I say “no” to someone, they will think I’m just “using the pregnancy excuse”, and I don’t want people to think that!  But after realizing how burnt out I was on Monday from trying to accommodate everyone, I decided I need to be more proactive in taking things easy.  Even if it means someone thinks I’m making excuses.  Because I know that I’m not lying, I’m looking out for me and this baby blobbie.

Anywho, back to today.  I got to meet up with Alex at a super cute little tea room.  I had to laugh, I had forgotten that her opinion of tea is that it’s “dirty water” – yet she picked a tea room.  A little ironic, but they had great food, and other beverage options than tea.  I couldn’t believe it when 2 hours had gone by!  It was just so nice to chill, sit, talk and eat with someone who gets all my hopes and fears for this pregnancy.  It was also so wonderful to catch up with her, hear about her pregnancy experiences, and plans for the near future.  And even as she could go into early labor any minute with her twins, she so incredibly thoughtfully brought me a whole bag of goodies!  Books, extra prenatal vitamins, even the cutest maternity nightgown you ever did see!  (It’s cute enough, I’m thinking it could pass as a summer dress…  Black cotton empire-waisted with a little frill?  Totally wearable in public I’m thinking…  I’ll have to try it on tomorrow to be sure.)  I was really touched at her generosity, and just felt bad I didn’t bring anything for her, so close to her due date!  I’m a crummy friend, I just ran out of time to go get anything.  😦  All too soon I realized I needed to get headed home because Hubster and I a date planned!

The amazing thing is I left at 3pm.  The drive up to see Alex took about an hour.  I figured I was still ahead of the after-work traffic… But. I. Was. Wrong.  It took me over 2 hours to get home.  We missed our initial movie time.  Traffic made me all stressed, frazzled and grumpy, poor Hubster sat and listened to me grump for about 20 minutes before I was able to pull myself together so we could go have dinner.  We still made it to the movie, just a little later showing.  We saw the “What to Expect” movie, and I really think Hubster enjoyed it!  (There is some suspicion he may have teared up a little himself)  I can’t remember the last time we did “dinner and a movie”!  We didn’t go anyplace super fancy, and we had a free movie pass for one of us, so it ended up being fairly reasonably priced.  It was nice to just get out of the house, it’s so easy for us to get home and end up dazing out on the couch to the TV.  Just holding hands and snuggling in the movie theater was so really wonderful.

Then this upcoming Friday is my first “doctorly” appointment.  (It’s technically with a midwife, but only because I said I prefer midwives over OBGYN.)  We should get an ultrasound (All the nurses have told me I will get one at this appointment, although the receptionist who made the appointment “wouldn’t promise anything”  I can only assume the receptionist wasn’t aware of my miscarriage history) and Hubster will be coming along, he has a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day Weekend!  Then we will be heading out and meeting up to do a little car camping with my dad, stepmom and stepsister over the weekend.  The weather is calling for some sun, some rain.  I’m not too worried about it, we’ll just take some extra blankets.  I’m looking forward to more chillax do-nothing time.  I need to remember to bring some books and my knitting!  (And of course the dogs, can’t forget the dogs! Lol)


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  1. Aw, what a great day! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow!


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