Taking care of the critter

So, time to take a step back from the pregnancy stuff and give you all a look at the rest of my life.

As many of you know, Hubster and I have 3 dogs (all pembroke welsh corgis) and 2 cats. Sunday night, our oldest dog (13 years) woke us up THREE times, demanding to go outside. This is highly unusual, and admittedly we were kind of pissed. How could he possibly need to go again? He must just be wanting attention… And we really don’t want to reward bad behavior (aka barking) so we took turns grumbling, getting out of bed, and taking Radar out. But each time he would actually go, so we would shrug and head back to bed.

In the light of day we realized he had pooped 4 times during the night. If I had still been working at the vet clinic, I would have taken him into work with me, but decided he probably just had an upset tummy from a recent food change, and decided to keep an eye on him throughout the day. He continued to have frequent defections, and they slowly became looser. For dinner last might I gave him some rice, chicken broth and a probiotic, knowing if it didn’t clear up we would need to head into the vet the next day (today). This morning after his walk, he had an accident in the house. And there was frank (bright red) blood in it. I know this meant it was lower in the GI tract, and probably due to the diarrhea, but pulled out my phone to call the vet.

The vet that I use here in town (not where I used to work) starts with a “C” so I went to the “c”s in my phone, and hit send next to the vet. A cheery girl answered the phone and when I explained the situation she said she could fit me in at 11. So I kept an eye on Radar, fidgeting around the house, and drive to the vet, arriving at 11am sharp. I walk in and check in at the desk… And the lady had no record of my appointment.

While I understand mistakes happen, I was feeling a bit peeved. But I took a seat and a deep breath, knowing that all I could do is wait until they could fit me in.

I pulled out my cell phone to try to determine what time had called, maybe figure out who I had spoken with… Only to realize the vet I had called… Was back in Colorado. The two vets have similar names and in my haste this morning, I called the wrong clinic!!!

Luckily the receptionist here was super nice.

Some days my blonde shows through more than others.

The vet diagnosed Radar with colitis, and sent home some meds to help. Radar should be feeling back to hisself in no time! Most likely just irritation from the food change.


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