Monday in retrospect

Wow, lots to catch up on!
-Beta number was over 76,000. So yes, at a certain point they don’t double every 48 hours. According to the nurse I spoke with, at a certain point that number actually starts to naturally decline. But she reassured me that the number was great. (After reassuring me she was looking through my file and found a note from my regular nurse advising whoever talked with me Monday was to reassure me my number was good. Oh no, I’ve become one of those clients!!!)

-Then I went and met with my midwife. I promise to do a longer post, but for now I will just say we are hoping for a natural, unmedicated birth outside of the hospital, and there was only one midwife in the area that isn’t taking Christmas vacation! The woman was very nice, but the birth center has certain protocol in place to only accept “low risk” women. Which isn’t a bad thing, buuuuut…. At my hight and weight I currently have a BMI of 38. She basically told me that if I gain more then 10 pounds in my pregnancy it will push me over the accepted BMI and we won’t be able to use the birth center. So, ya know, no pressure! I think I can do it, there are a lot of reasons to be careful with my weight in this pregnancy, and this is just one of them.

-Monday I also got a call about a job my friend had told me about. A 92 year old lady who needs a caregiver. My friend is having to step down just because of some family/commute stuff and this woman lives pretty close to me. So I went and met the family. Very nice folks, they have 3 care givers that basically take turns watching this woman round the clock. It wouldn’t be a lot of hours to start but as my friend leaves I will take up her hours, in the end it sounds to be about 20 hours a week. Tonight is my first little shift, just 3 hours but a way to see if it is a good fit for everyone! Wish me luck!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck tonight! I hope it’s a good fit! I can’t wait to hear about the midwife!


  2. Good luck with the new job!

    Figuring out all the birth stuff is tricky. I hope you get to do it the way you want to, but the important thing is to have a healthy baby at the end of it!


    • Thank you!
      Yes, I know there are a lot of things that can go on birth (well, in life!) that are outside of my control. All I can do, is do everything in my power to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, to set my baby up to be as healthy as possible.


  3. Hope the new job went well and felt like something you can do during pregnancy.


  4. great news on the beta and the job! keep’em coming!


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