Caming down, and a couple cute stories

Alrighty, after writing that post, and spending some time in prayer I’ve been able to calm down.  And notice my boobs are still tender.  Maybe it just comes and goes?  I’m still having occasionally uterus “twinges” that are different that period cramps, so I take comfort in that.  But mostly, I take comfort in knowing nothing I do, or don’t do, no amount of blood tests or ultrasounds will change the outcome of this baby coming into the world.  God Willing, in 8 months we will get to greet a new member of our family.  And if that is not His Will, then it wont happen.  And we will be devastated, but we will survive the loss of another child.  Because we did it before, with much less support then we have now.

A couple of cute stories:

As some of you know, we have 2 cats.  Rocco was a gift from Hubster, but the cat has never really liked me, instead greatly preferring Hubster over me.  I have noticed in the last 2 weeks (as long as Hubster is not around) Rocco will walk up to me when I’m in bed and knead my hips/tummy, and curl up on my abdomen.  This morning I woke up to this:

I think this cat knows I’m pregnant.  It’s the only explanation for him choosing to cuddle with me.  And this photo was with Hubster laying right next to me, so he chose me very obviously over him!

This evening we watched an adorable little boy who is just about 2.  His mom is currently pregnant with her second, and she had told him that there was a baby in my tummy earlier this week.  So as I was changing his diaper before bed he kept pointing to my tummy and saying “Baby.Belly.  Baby.Belly.”  And I said “Yes, there is a baby in my belly, God Willing.”  And then he pointed at my chest (above my heart) and said “beat beat? beat beat?”  And I replied “No, we haven’t heard the heart beat yet, but God Willing we will.”  He looked sorely disappointed I couldn’t confirm the heartbeat.  (He has gone along and heard his mother’s baby on the doppler so knows baby’s have heartbeats.)

Just makes my heart melt 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. Cats can smell the pheromone changes that come with pregnancy. You’re not imagining it, the cats behavior is changing and it is because you’re pregnant. Whenever I’m pregnant, my cat Mayday can’t get enough of me. He never slept in the bed until my first pregnancy when he decided that he had to climb on me to sleep every night. And my little maternal Jipsee wants to be held and just purrs like crazy. She sticks near my feet whenever I’m walking around, and if I sit on the couch, she gives the babies a massage before settling in for a couple of hours. We call her the vampire kitty, she just sucks the life right out of us and forces a nap to happen.


  2. Just like Alex said, my cat knew too before I even knew. Take it as a good sign and if the cat decides to all of a sudden have another mood change don’t freak out they are cats after all and moody.


  3. Don’t worry too much about the boob tenderness – mine weren’t tender all the time, either. And anyway, the tenderness went away at about 6 or 7 weeks, I think…


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