Paranoia, Episode 1 of 1 Million. Alternatively Titled: All Systems Go.

So on my lunch today I went and got the second blood draw.  From the time I got back (about 1pm) to about 5pm, we were totally swamped.  While the morning I got to have time to drink a lot of water (and thus, have to pee every 30 minutes!) I probably only peed twice in that later 4 hour time period.  But more to the point, when we finally had time to slow down a bit, I suddenly had this thought pop into my head: What if the numbers don’t double.  Thankfully I realized I needed to not go down that path.

However, I also realized about that time that throughout the afternoon I had been having some lower abdomen twitches… specifically in one spot.  In the lower right of my abdomen.  Where I would imagine a fallopian tube might hang out. Uuuuu…. somewhere between sharp and dull, coming and going… but never really gone.  I decided to wait and see how it felt by the end of my shift.  6pm comes around and it’s still there.  I approached the one co-worker left at the clinic who had a child, and basically asked her if my pain could be nothing.  She was like “Well, it could be nothing… or it could be something.  Call the Nurse Hotline of our insurance group.”

So I called the nurse hotline, hoping the nurse would tell me the pain was nothing.  Not an ectopic pregnancy.  The nurse was very nice, and told me it was likely nothing since the baby is so tiny, even if I had an ectopic pregnancy it would most likely be to early to feel.  But at the end of the day, since I had no ultrasound, she advised me to go to Urgent Care and get an ultrasound.  I called Hubster on my way home to advise him of the situation.  I came home and we went off to the Urgent Care.  There was much oscillating between fear and tears, and excitement at the possibility of seeing our baby.  We got there, checked in, they wanted a urine sample, then I got to put on a fancy-schmancy gown and wait for the doctor… who finally popped his head in and did an exam.  He expressed concern for the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy aaaaaand the possibility of an appendix problem.  Well, crap, I hadn’t even thought of that.  Furthermore, the best way to test the appendix is to do a CT scan… not really a safe idea with a pregnancy.  But he decided to start with the ultrasound.  So we head up to ultrasound, check in at that desk, and wait…  got called back by a peppy ultrasound tech.  She tried to get a view of my lady bits from the abdominal ultrasound with no luck.  So onto the intra-vaginal ultrasound we go.  The room was set up so that a small widscreen tv screen showed Hubster and I what the technician was seeing on her screen!  At this point in my experience I’m somewhat well versed in deciphering white/black/grey wavy blobbies… in the first swipe I saw my uterus… with nothing in it.  My heart plummeted, but I stayed silent and let the technician do her thing.  She changed view, and suddenly a little black blobby appeared!  A little black blobby the technician measured.  A lot.  Then she moved the wand and caught some shots of my ovaries (That twinged!  I don’t miss having a wand shoved in at those angles!)  The technician, while revealing nothing, was still chipper and all smiles and I felt confident that the blobby was our blobby.  Or… at leastmostly confident.  We head back to our original room and wait… 30 minutes… finally a nurse pops her head in and asks if I had already had my blood drawn.  Ummmmm nope.  So she grabs the necessary tools and comes in.  Apparently she had a first pregnancy much like mine, where the HCG levels never doubled.  It was an instant bond.  She revealed that my second blood draw results had come in:

*drum roll please*

Over 1300.

My numbers more than doubled!  She was incredibly positive (I think she may have used the word “perfect”).  I asked her if the official results on the ultrasound had come through yet, she said she would check, then asked if I had seen anything (For the record, Hubster couldn’t decipher anything during the ultrasound and was highly skeptical of my enthusiasm that I had seen a black blobby in the middle of my uterus) and I described what I had seen.  She was again very supportive and positive, then left the room to check on the status.  The doctor finally popped his head in and asked “Are you guys comfortable?  Because this room sucks.”  They were apparently pretty slow, so he moved us over to a larger, cushier room meant for multiple patients.  He then proceeded to sit down in a chair and get comfy and actually really chat with us.  Basically the ultrasound showed the baby (basically at this point just an egg sack) was in the uterus, right where it should be.  (CHECK!)  My blood-work showed normal white cell count, so he felt the chance of an appendicitis is very low.  (CHECK!)  Most likely this is just my body adjusting to the pregnancy, but if it continues I should go to the ER just in case it is my appendix.

He was even nice enough to give me a copy of the ultrasound picture (Even thought it’s just a black circle surrounded by gray wavy lines.  But hey, it is MY black cluster of cells.  And I wuvel it.)

Unfortunately this whole process took somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours.  But my co-pay was just $20.  Definitely, totally, absolutely worth the peace of mind and picture.  🙂

After all the good news Hubster got all twitchy with excitement, and then exclaimed “Shit just got real!”

Fo Shizzle.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on April 26, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Lol “Shit just got real” that is hilarious! I’m glad everything is aokay. Keep up the good brewing.


  2. Yay, congrats hon. Thats awesome news


  3. Wow, you have awesome insurance. #jealous!
    So glad to hear that all is okay!


  4. wow
    no – WOW!!!
    I am getting goosebumps for you!!!


  5. Well that is really good news!


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