The First Blood Test

I got the results today of my first blood draw from yesterday.

*drum roll please*


I asked the very nice nurse what exactly that meant.  Good?  Bad?  She laughed a little, and then explained that at this stage anything from 18 to 7,000 is accepted.  So this first number, but itself, doesn’t really mean squat.  What really matters is that it doubles in 48 hours.

Tomorrow I will get the second blood draw.

And get the results Thursday.

In the land of random symptoms I’ve been having (which just help me to feel confirmed that I’m still pregnant, so bring on the symptoms!):

Boobs still really sore.  (Well, to be more specific, it feels like I have bruises on my nipples.  Even though there is no bruising…  TMI?)  And I swear they’ve already gotten bigger.  Not exactly a great thing since I’m already in DD cups… these puppies are going to be up to my chin if I can be so blessed to continue the rest of the pregnancy!

I have moments of feeling starving, but then feel full halfway through my lunch.  Maybe it’s in my head?  4.5 weeks into the pregnancy, I’m not sure what counts as symptoms, and what counts as me having struggled with food addiction my whole life, so I’m basically always hungry.

I’ve had a few moments where I have definitely had a heightened sense of smell.  Sunday when Hubster and I went to dinner with my mom (pre-test-taking) I got a hard cider (which I now regret!) and Hubster got an IPA beer.  I can’t stand hoppy beers, and I could smell the hops from his glass from across the table.  Monday we were removing a bandage from a post-surgery dog, and I could smell the soiled bandages – strongly.  Today I walked by our isolation ward and just about keeled over from the smell of the extra-strong cleaner they use in that particular room.  My boss is taking advantage of my heighten sense of smell by asking me to “test” if rooms smell bad.  Gee.  Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks.  Lol.

I really want to get back into regular posting, and reading everyone else’s blogs too!  I’ve been so caught up in work, I just haven’t had the time to be on here.  And while I still love my job, I’m realizing that I need to take time to keep in touch with everyone, this crew of women who have rallied together through thick and thin.  I need to take the time to document my thoughts and feelings, for my own sake.

I cannot express how much it warmed my heart to see all the congratulations, comments, and prayers on my last post.  You all are such a wonderful group of women, I am blessed to have you here!!!


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on April 24, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Again congratulations I just know that the next number will be doubled and this is going to work for you!!


  2. This is amazing news! it just goes to show why we never shall give up hope. I sure hope those numbers keep rising.


  3. That number sounds perfect. From reading your last post, I’m guessing you were at 18dpo yesterday. — spot on!!

    Congrats again!


  4. Everything counts as symptoms at this point – enjoy it! 🙂


  5. so – do you have the results?


  6. Fingers crossed for you. Things do happen for a reason and I hope for all of the best for you. Thanks for following by the way.


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