A Moment of Bliss.

So, in addition to us looking at international adoption, Hubster and I have also decided to get more information on domestic adoption as well.  As Rain pointed out to me outside of blogland, domestic adoption agencies are more varied and flexible in some requirements… and as long as Hubster and I are trying to be open to anything God sends our way, we would be foolish not to consider it.

So, I guess here is everyone’s chance to weigh in, if you know of an agency you (or someone you know) would recommend.

We are just going to keep praying, talking together, talking with our priest, and talking with friends and family.

And doing our best to listen as well 😉

We’ve been having a really wonderful evening.  Hubster had dinner ready for me when I got home (I love that I approached him about helping out with dinner on my workdays – and he DID!!!  What a great guy!) and we’ve had a great conversation as I peruse adoption websites, blogs, and he reads his theology books.  (Yup, my husband, who normally is not an avid reader, has in the last year or so gotten increasingly enthusiastic about reading Orthodox books)  We haven’t turned the TV on, we haven’t even put music on!  Just listened to the crackly fire and enjoyed one-another’s company, and a little down time.

As well as sharing the last bit of chocolate in the house.

Fire in the fireplace.  Dinner ready when I came home.  Quite time spent together.  Chocolate.

Sounds like  perfect Saturday evening to me!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds good to me. Sometimes we just need to shut off all that technology around us and just realize what attracts us so much to one another. Hope you have more Saturdays like this one.


  2. What a great night! So glad he heard you and the two of you had a chance to connect without all those other distractions.


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