Diaries of a Blond Gurl…

Saturday evening, I took a bath. A lavender oatmeal bath. In my infinite wisdom, if a little oatmeal is good then a lot of oatmeal is better, right? So I added a scoop of oatmeal, and enjoyed my bath…

Sunday morning as I took a shower I noticed it was draining slowly, but kept swishing the grate with my foot every so often, assuming it was just residual oatmeal and lavender bits clogging it. However by the end of my shower it wasn’t draining…. Hubster looked at me and said “What does oatmeal do when wet? Expand!”

I just never thought it would go past the little grate!

So Sunday when we got home we bought some drain cleaner. It said to use 1/5 of the bottle…. After waiting 20 minutes without success we eventually added the entire bottle.

Monday came with no success in draining (maybe 1/4 of an inch?). So Hubster bought extra-strength-industrial-strength stuff. And promptly made the entire apartment REAK of chemical nastiness.

We have been leaving windows open and fans running because Its the only way to breath.

There was not much change to the tub. So today he went to the property management requesting a work order. They did the “ya, we’ll get around to it sometime this week…”.

Hubster bought a snake to try fix the problem himself, without success. He said either something REALLY solid was blocking the drain, or the snake wouldn’t make the necessary turn in the pipe. We have now spent over $20 in an attempt to gain our tub and shower back.

Out of desperation I washed my hair in the kitchen sink.

A few minutes ago he walked in, and told me the tub was fixed! He was using the toilet when he glanced over to realize…. The lever to close the drain was up. We are assuming that as I swished the water Sunday morning I must have knocked it. The solid thing he couldn’t snake past? The drain plug.

Upon lowering the lever the tub drained.

We have flushed a crap ton of hot water through the pipes, and are currently cleaning the tub.

Officially the most blonde moment I have ever had in my entire life.

I leave you with an adorable picture of Bloom, who discovered the spot on the bed that has the heating pad under the blankets:



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on February 14, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    LOL!!!!!!!!! Totally made me smile. Don’t you just love those real “DOH” moments. Thanks for the laugh you just made my night 🙂


  2. Oh I so needed to read this. Thanks for posting your dilemma. I’ve done similar things too with my forgetfulness, thanks fibromyalgia.

    Your kitty looks like she is recovering nicely. I so need to get a kitty.


  3. As I was reading this, I was thinking of the nifty little trick I used to use for oatmeal baths–putting the oatmeal in a little pouch made out of old pantyhose so it doesn’t clog the drain. But I guess that wasn’t the problem! It’s funny how the simplest solutions sometimes are the most overlooked!

    Bloom’s already a very pretty kitty, but once the rest of that hair grows in, she’s going to be gorgeous!


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