All is well with the world (aka My addiction to my phone gets fed)

When Hubster came home today he had a new iPhone for me!!! What’s better than a new iPhone??? A FREE iPhone! Huzzah for insurance πŸ˜€

I sadly lost a handful of videos and pictures, taken since the last time I synced my phone with my computer, but by and large everything was saved.
Work went well. A little frantic, but all in all a standard busy Saturday. Plenty of interesting cases, but particularly one of the last cases of the day;
Two roommates were out, throwing a frisbee for their dogs. One dog went to nab the toy and accidentally chomped down on the other dog. In leu of rushing into the vet right away, they decide to quickly shave the area, clean with water and hydrogen peroxide (Why?? Why?! All hydrogen peroxide does is KILL TISSUE. Causing delayed heal time and scarring… Silly home remedies…) and then AND THEN, they look around and see fishing line and a needle. Hey, that’s just like the stuff they use in surgeries, right?
They proceed to stitch up their dog (completely awake) and THEN bring him in to us.

The whole story was so ridiculous, I just had to laugh. So stereotypically “two college age guys”. Luckily they happened to own a very laid back lab that put up with all that. We proceeded to clip more hair away, took out the fishing line (just a hint: that stuff isn’t exactly sterile) which was a bit of a project since it is CLEAR. Cleaned up the sites, then applied a local anesthetic (Marcaine to the rescue!) and then sterilely closed the sites. And then gave them a bunch of antibiotics to deal with all the germs from the dogs mouth, their hands touching, the fishing line etc etc…. Nice guys, just one of those things you shake your head and laugh and say “they did WHAT?!?!
I came home, watched the latest episode of the Vampire Diaries, put my new phone in order, then took a lavender oatmeal bath complete with candles and opera playing on my phone (thank you pandora!) and now I’m chilling in lingerie waiting for Hubster to get his tushy in bed so we can partake in some lighthearted attempts at pregnancy.

Not really expecting anything, but hey, it can’t hurt anything? Right? πŸ˜‰

Maybe not to opera music though….


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on February 11, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Tehehe good luck with the attempt at pregnancy. We’re in the same spot – maybe we’re cycle buddies! And OMG what the heck were those guys thinking!


    • Yay! I’ve never had a cycle buddy before!
      We actually ended up not having sex :/ Hubster was in a “sleepy/playful” sex mood and I was more in the “passionate/adventurous” sex mood, and rather then both of us getting frustrated and angry we just called it quits. A little voice popped up in my head “but you could be oooooovuuuuulaaaaatiiiiiiing!” but I shut it down. The whole joy of an IUI in our future means taking the pressure off having sex “because we HAVE to”. If we weren’t in the right mood for it, I wasn’t going to push it. Trying to avoid going down the road of negative associations with sex. However, that said, I hope you and your man have an enjoyable and productive round of it! πŸ˜‰


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