Of technology and other bits.

Tuesday night the unthinkable happened.

My iPhone stopped charging.  My phone is now (more or less) dead.  No phone calls, no texting, no plants vs. zombies.  No facebook, internet or blogging.

Today was the first chance I really had to deal with it, Veri.zon sent me to the Ap.ple store.  The Ap.ple store was booked, and had to make an appointment for tomorrow.

You guys, the pathetic thing is (well, there is a lot of patheticness in my relience on a single device…) that we do not own a normal alarm clock.  Nowhere in our apartment is an alarm clock.  Which means the last few days I have relied on Hubster to get me up on time.

I miss my phone.  I miss it playing my white-noise app, or my “sleep” mix, to help me sleep at night.  I miss plugging it in and jamming to my iT.unes on the way to work.  I miss being able to text people.

I feel like some woman in the 20’s, bereft, flung across a swooning couch (thos funny couches with only one arm)


In other news I also spent most of my day helping a friend shop for her wedding dress.  *SQUEEEEE*  She’s not a girly girl, at all.  The idea of dress shopping was making her nauseous.  She’s eloping in May in South Carolina.  She planned on a light, slowing, easy dress.  What did she love the most?  A dramatic mermaid silhouette with lace and beading and rouching… so we go again next week.  I loved every minute of it (except the minutes of dealing with a snootie custer-service person who didn’t even know what a french bustle was….) and am excited to really feel like I have an honest-to-goodness-friend from work, who I hang out with outside of work.


And finally, in baby news: My insurance kicks in March 1st.  From what I can tell it’s actually a pretty good plan (I even get acupuncture covered!) so my plan is to make an appointment and get a general physical with a doctor, an annual pap smear with an OBGYN, and a cleaning with a dentist.  (It’s been about 3 years since I’ve seen a general practitioner, about a year and a half since a regular OBGYN adn about 5 years since I’ve seen a dentist…. don’t look at me like that!  I just never had the time, until after we didn’t have insurance anymore lol)  Then I will call up the fertility specialist in Seattle and get back into the swing of things.  In the mean time I’ve been trying to actually get back into the habit of charting a BBT (since the death of my phone, I haven’t done that, but Hubster waking me up means I don’t get up at my normal time to take said temperature) and I figure we can have some good ol’ fashioned sex, give this “getting pregnant” thing the good-ol’-college-try (even though I doubt anything will happen, it can’t hurt to try, right?)

I feel like I’m surrounded by people who are either pregnant, have children, or are pregnant AND have children, so I can feel some baby-less-depression pushing in on me.  Doing my best to brush it off.  It was easier when I knew we couldn’t really be trying, but it’s getting tougher now…

On that note I’m super tired and have to work tomorrow.  Quick shower and then bed!


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  1. I can totally relate to the phone issues right now! Okay, not totally because I’ve had my pink RAZR for like 6 years, but still. It sucks when something you rely on so much craps out on you.

    Good luck with the baby-making! And if nothing else, a good ol’ roll in the hay can be fun. I think we forget that sometimes when we’re trying so hard for a baby.


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