Kitty Time!

At the request of Alex, below are some pictures of the kitties!  Enjoy 🙂

Rocco, when he was just a teeny tiny little guy!

Rocco, checking out my laptop.  What kind of blog would he write….?

Rocco, looking more like an adult then a kitten, chilling on the bed.  (That for once is actually made!)

(And yes, that is a gun in the background.  And yes, both my husband and I know how to use it.  Beware the person who tries to break and enter our residence.  You will be met with an attack cat and firepower.)

Rocco hiding in a leftover firewood box.  He’s super stealth-like.  I assume he’s practicing so he can be the most effective attack-cat that he can be.  (He actually is ALWAYS at the door when we come home.  It’s amazing.  If anyone can find a cat-sized spiked collar, he definitely would rock one haha)

And here is Spe.cial Ag.ent  Or Bloom for short.  This photo was taken when I brought her home the night after her surgery to amputate her left hind limb.  She was just supposed to come home for one night so I could observer her after surgery,  That was my first mistake apparently.

Saturday morning, she was particularly feisty, and attacked Rocco’s “kickeroo” toy.  Rocco was apparently feeling left out.

Rocoo pouting…..

The impressive thing is that I didn’t think this would be a toy she would get into.  Since she only has ONE back leg and all.  And the way it is designed they are supposed to “hug” it with their front limbs while kicking it with their hind legs.  It’s stuffed with catnip…. and pretty much the COOLEST cat toy ever.  According to BOTH my cats apparently.

Since bring home Bloom, Rocco has become more of an attention slut (I guess she brought out his insecurities, or his competitive side?)  Bloom enjoys it when you come up and rub her chin and around her ears, but she tends to like hiding out instead of seeking us out.  I assume this is in part her acclimation to being a tri-pod.  She does get up and get around fairly well, although she doesn’t jump up on the bed or anything yet.

Saturday we removed the staples from the amputation-site-closure, and the sutures that were at her spay site.  I hope she just continues to improve and become acclimated. And I look forward to when her fur comes back in and I can show you a picture of a three-legged-cat that doesn’t look like it’s half-alien!


6 responses to this post.

  1. She’s adorable! They’re both adorable!

    Yay kitties!


  2. It’s great to see Bloom playing and getting around. They’re both beautiful cats!


  3. I once had a kitten named Rocco! I’m glad to hear things are working out! They are so cute!


  4. I had to share this story with J. He couldn’t believe how cruel the previous owners were about getting this cat treatment. I wonder how the cat’s leg got broken in the first place considering their attitude.


    • Well, she was an indoor/outdoor cat, and it is very possible she was hit by a car, the previous owner stated he came home from work and she was injured. Cats allowed outdoors have a strikingly shorter lifespan since they are exposed to so much more than an indoor-only cat.

      Regardless, it was a very disturbing case, and I stand by my stance that pets are a luxury, a lifestyle, and if you can’t afford at LEAST routine care, do. not. own. one.


  5. Sweet kittens!


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