Highs and Lows

So I felt I needed to update you guys on my general life. But I’m totally wiped, so I’m going to take a page out of Mo’s (from Mommy Odyssey) book blog. Which means bullet points!

-last week we had a particularly heartbreaking case. 8 month old kitten brought in for a broken leg. It had never had vaccines, been dewormed… Never been to a vet’s office. The little girl was clearly neglected, although I don’t know if the owners were ignorant or truly just bad people, it wasn’t clear. What WAS clear, was that they didn’t have the necessary funds for the radiographs, let alone money for the surgery. I also got the impression that even if they DID have money, they did not believe in spending money on their pets. (I will never understand people who come in with just enough money for the exam and want all treatment and medications for free, as if they are included in the exam cost!!!!) The owner offered to suffocate the cat, or cut the leg off himself at home. Uh…. Ya, not going to let that happen! After an hour of dealing with the manipulative man, his hysterically crying little girl and emotionally distant wife over the phone, the doctor and I were able to convince them to relinquish the kitten to the clinic.

-the doctor decided after xrays that amputation was the best option, and performed the surgery. A receptionist in our clinic expressed an interest in the kitty but was not there the day of surgery. It was decided that after such a major surgery the cat needed to go home with a technician to be observed overnight and I was volunteered. I took the kitty overnight, expecting to take it back in the next day and give it to the receptionist.

-went in the next day, and between the fact that I had been the one to “save the cat” and some personal decisions the receptionist had made, the kitty was mine. Hmmmm…. Didn’t see that coming! But I felt very bonded to the little gal do didn’t fight too hard, I have to admit. But since I hadn’t planned on bringing home a kitty (that would need o going meds and care) I was supposed to be out of town for 2 days, so left her at the clinic over my weekend. I brought her home tonight, and I WUV HER!!!!

-what did I do out of town? I drove an hour to celebrate my friend Jewel’s “decrepitude party” aka 27th birthday. Karaoke and much drinking was involved (thus I spent the night, trying to be safe and all that). I absolutely adore spending time with Jewel, and her circle of friends are endlessly witty and make great, silly, and smart conversation. The following day I got up and helped her move… So needless to say I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend but it was great fun, Hubster got to meet a lot of Jewels’ friends that I have often talked about, and it was really great to just be out and have a bit of craziness.

-in case you wanted to know, I ROCKED “Gun.powder and Le.ad” by Miran.da Lam.bert and then sang “Chro.me” by Tr.ace Ad.kins with Jewel. Consider me the next great karaoke diva 😉


8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear, poor kitten. Hope it’s fine for you to take her in for the long run. It seems like a good clinic that don’t just put her to sleep because no one wanted to pay. Some people just shouldn’t have animals.


    • I feel so lucky to work where I do. Often times it is in the best interest of the animal to put them to sleep when facing long-term pain and suffering, but when owners don’t have good reasons to euthanize my superiors will speak up. It’s the only clinic I have known of to do such a thing. We are also the only clinic I know of that will accept strays in. Most clinics wont allow them in the door. We will take them in and hold onto them until the local humane society can show up.

      Sometimes I do wish there were required classes or something before people could own animals, but the fact is that just as you have to take a test before you can drive a car, there are some people who are able to pass that test but still shouldn’t be on the road. It wont fix everything. :/


  2. Poor thing is so lucky to have you! You have a good soul.


    • Aw, Zygotta you’re too nice! I do the best I can with what I have. I certainly have my grumpy bitchy not-so-good-soul days lol! She and I just had an instant connection, but I know if I hadn’t taken her we would have found her a good home regardless.


  3. Okay you made me cry. Poor kitty. I hate owners that treat their fur babies like disposable entertainment. Thank you for taking her into your heart and home.


    • I’m sorry for the tears, I know I have days where I walk out of work with tears in my eyes, but I have to believe that I do everything to make the critter’s lives better. Thankfully the majority of our clients are great people. Some may have fallen on hard times but they still try to find a way to keep their animals comfortable within their budgets, and when we see that we often offer small discounts or zero out the cost of easy treatments because we know those owners are doing their best.


  4. Aww, kitty!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend, but I know exactly what you mean about needing another one to recover. I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacation, no matter the length.


    • I keep thinking that on my next vacation I will request an extra 2 or 3 days off just for recovery after the vacation… but then I just end up taking the extra time for my vacation lol. Or I decide I don’t want to lose the income and don’t take the extra days. Oh well, it was worth it!


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