The best days are the days you don’t get dressed.

It’s my day off.  I meant to go to church this morning, but I’ve just been so worn out, I did the hit-my-alarm-close-my-eyes-for-two-seconds-and-suddenly-it’s-2-hours-later thing.  So I’ve been spending the rest of the day in my sweat pants, with my laptop and puppies, just trying to shake the exhaustion.  I find that my days off are basically spent trying to catch up on sleep and the rest of my life, so that when I go back to work I can function in the high-paced-high-stress situations I find myself in.

Sometimes I wonder, with my life so delicately balanced as it is, how I could think about adding in fertility treatments, pregnancy, a baby… but then I just tell myself to stop freaking out and take this one day at a time.  And today, is my relax day.

Which means catching up on my guilty tv pleasures, the first episode of Project Runway All-Stars, watching some Vampire Diaries, and sifting through the 300+ emails in my inbox.  (I think I deleted most of them, but I still had to do that) and I also made the car payment (so I could feel like some semblance of a responsible adult).

Next up on my big plans is heating up some soup, maybe make some tea, and read me some blogs 🙂  What are your fancy weekend plans?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have to do the same thing most weekends–catch up with my life. I’m also in sweats today, watching football and making half-hearted attempts at grown-up things, like cleaning/organizing my house. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. Posted by babycrazykiwi on January 8, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend chick. When working my weekends are spent much the same – housework, gardening, lawns and generally just low key stuff like that. Sometimes I get so busy that I have to block out a weekend of 2 in a month just to catch my breath so I get how you feel. You feel full on with life now but I think you’ll manage to fit in baby related stuff when you need to.


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