2012 Pregnancy

March 2012:  After much work, I have lost 40 pounds, the scale now reads 210lbs!
3/25/12:  Beginning of new cycle. Due to retreat and other busyness, I didn’t track this cycle. All previous cycles had shown no ovulation.
3/30/12-4/1/12:  Go on a women’s retreat with our church to a Monastery in central WA. Refocusing on what matters – putting God first, before baby dreams. But the women from my church are very supportive when I explain out TTC history, and I know there was a lot of prayer for Hubster and I.

April 2012:  Insurance kicks in! Hubster and I have ongoing debate about how to use our tax return; I wanted it for fertility treatments, he wanted to pay off debt.
4/8/12:  Approximate time of ovulation. We had sex once in the days leading up to that time. Again – wasn’t actually tracking this cycle, figure it was pointless since history shows I don’t ovulate naturally.
4/15/12:  We joyously celebrate Pascha, only to get the news Hubster’s grandfather had died.
4/21/12:  Before he leaves for CO for the funeral, I realize my period is late. (I normally have a short cycle) And my boobs are sore. But we decide to wait to test until after he gets back. He gets back, we test:
4/23/12:  BFP!!! Completely unexpected! Due to the nature of my job, I announce it at work.
4/25/12:  Strange, one sided lower abdomen pain, I go into urgent care, scared of an ectopic ultrasound. We get the confirmation the baby is in the uterus!
4/30/12:  I lose my job.

May 2012:
5/2/12:  Some light brown spotting, back into the doctor. The ultrasound looks normal. Could be nothing. Could be stress from losing my job?
5/14/12:  I thankfully find a new job, as a care giver for an elderly woman in her home. Significantly lower stress level than my old job, and my employer is very supportive of my pregnancy!
5/25/12:  We get to see the heartbeat on an ultrasound!

December 2012: Baby is due 12/30/12, Lord willing that we don’t lose this one.


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  1. Found your blog through newtoronto mom. Look forward to following your blog. Hope you are enjoying the last few days of being pregnant


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