How to Survive the Holidays:

Step one: Either coerce someone to go to the store for you, or brave the crowds yourself.

Step two: Purchase a Ferrara Chocolate Ball.

  They come in a variety of flavors, but the one pictured is the classic one I grew up getting in my stocking every year.  (Now I know why my parents bought so many…)

Step three: As long as you are out, grab a bottle of wine.  May I suggest the Gnarly Head Pinot Noir?  Brings out the flavors of the orange and chocolate beautifully.  For those who can’t (or don’t like to) drink alcohol, I suggest a fancy-shmancy-snootie-type tea.  I like Republic of Tea’s Cinnamon Vanilla myself…

Step four: Get home.  (Or have the person you coerced to brave the crowds and traffic get their tushie’s home)

Step five: Poor a glass of wine ASAP.  Take a contemplative sip.  Then another.  Repeat, liberally.

Step six:  Smash the chocolate ball.  Hard.  Several times.  If you don’t do it hard enough, the pieces wont properly break.  Feel the pent up rage and frustration flow through your body, down your arm, and out of your body. Ooooo.   Ahhhhh.

Step seven: Unwrap the chocoalty goodness.  Eat.  Drink.  And be merry!

After almost having a break down in the grocery store as I attempted to plan a fabulous-yet-easy Christmas Eve meal that Husbter could make (since I am working tomorrow) I gave up and did the above.

I feel SOOOO much better.

And Hubster has volunteered to both plan, shop and cook the dinner for tomorrow.

I love my husband.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Yum! we have something like those here/UK, called Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I love those bits right on the middle – the core, but then again, the whole thing is pretty damn tasty too!
    Here’s to you and yours – hope you had a fantastical Christmas


    • I was thinking of you when I was writing this, wondering if you had a simmer chocolate 🙂 I love the middle bits too! I’m not sure why it is any different from the rest of the chocolate lol.
      I had a great, relaxing holiday, I hope you did too!


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