My Crazy Busy Life

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments in my recent posts.  I get the comments immediately on my iPhone, but often I don’t have time to write a reply right away, and then I will think I have replied, when in fact I have not… and then I just get caught up in how busy this month is!

Some all around updates:

I did talk to my boss.  I was over-reading the situation, she assured me she thinks I’m doing a great job considering I got thrown in with minimal to no training.  I also ended up starting my period later that week, PMS anyone?  I’m sure that had a factor in my emotionalism.  So I am just continuing to do my best, soak up as much training as I can, and double check everything!

Weight loss… I started getting more strict with myself, getting back into the rhythm of frequent, small meals.  After losing a few more pounds though is when my period started and the Chocolate Hulk really came out and I’ve been scared to step on the scale… but tomorrow I will get back on track.

I promise.

I swear.


Besides working and trying to keep the house in order, Hubster and I were finally formerly welcomed into the eastern Orthodox Church this last Sunday.  What follows in the highlights of the event, along with some pictures any funny stories.

My mom (who has been to 2 Orthodox services previously) my dad and stepmom (who have never been to an Orthodox service) came.  I was surprised they were interested in coming, but it was really meaningful to me to have them there as this was a very important day to Hubster and myself.

Now, when we talked about what to expect, our priest explained that since Hubster would be Baptized, he should wear swim-wear, which we assumed would go on under the Baptismal robe.  But instead of walking around in swimwear in December (remember, in the northern hemisphere it’s winter here!) Hubster threw on some exercise-wear, thinking he would change before the ceremony started.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.  So Hubster went through the entire first half of the ceremony dressed in all black, grubby clothes.  Had he known that, he would have dressed differently.  Woops!

So here is me, during the first half of my Chrismation ceremony.  Our priest is to the right, the Deacon is to the left, and my sponsor M is on the far left in blue.  Let’s keep in mind that because I would be anointed with oil on my face, neck, hands and feet, I am barefoot the ENTIRE ceremony.  And while it is a heated building, the floor is cement with area rugs.  My feet were COOOOLD!

Here is Hubster… again in his sad clothes.  😦  Poor guy.  He had nice clothes, to change into after the Baptism, but it didn’t really help him in this moment.  Hubster’s sponsor is one of our priests, he is the one in the far right of this picture.

Since he thought he would have a robe over his clothes, under the athletic wear was a white tank top and some rather short shorts… But when you think about it, the Coptics do nude Baptisms, so compared to that Hubster was doing pretty good!  In Sunday school the kids are learning about the Sacraments, so Father J used our service as a “teaching Baptism” and had all the kids gathered around and would stop to explain things.  It was actually really cool, and I think it helped my parents to follow along with what was happening.

Did I mention that it’s winter here?  And our Baptisms are full immersion?  Oh, and we were told the water would be warm… I promise you, that was NOT the case.  Three dunks for Hubster!

Finally, after all that Hubster got to change into his nice clothes… and THEN got to wear the baptismal robe.  At last, we are both finally wearing white! (I have to say, I’m glad I was Chrismated – since our church is a separate building from the administration/kitchen/bathrooms Hubster had to run from one building to the next to change, while dripping wet from the water.  Makes my bare feet seem like nothing!)

After this portion, this was the end of the “Baptizmal service” and we began Divine Liturgy.  Which begins with bells being rung.  Large, loud bells.  My stepmom was so started by the bells that she exclaimed “Jesus Christ!”.  Uh…. ya…. after a long, solemn, religious service.  In a church.  As much as I get along with her, and I understand she had a rough upbringing, I have to admit it was like a scene from a bad movie.  Sometime you just have to laugh, right?

During Divine Liturgy, Hubster and I were able to take Communion for the first time.  It was pretty adorable; normally the small children and elderly are first in line.  But since this was our first Communion, we were to go first.  Well, one little boy had a really hard time, and ran right up in front of us.  I didn’t really care, but his parents quietly tried to usher him back a bit, and he had this look on his face that was PRICELESS, just really confused, as if to say “But… but… I always go first!”

Finally at the end, a few parishioners gave us some gifts, along with a LOT of hugs and “Congratualtions” and “Welcome”‘s.  (I have to say… doesn’t Hubster look DASHING here?  I feel like he looks like a cut out from some model catalog… maybe that’s just me, but he hit the balance of sophisticated-suit-meets-rougishly-disheveled-hair)

Up at the front of the church, from left to right: My sponsor/Godmother “M”, me, our head priest “Father J”, Hubster, and Hubster’s sponsor/Godfather “Father I”.

Now, I don’t know how many of you all have ever been to an Orthodox service, but we often joke that if there is a succinct way of doing something… it’s not Orthodox.  We don’t leave anything out.  Between the Baptism, Chrismation and then Divine Liturgy the entire service was about 3 1/2 hours long.  Now, Hubster and I have been going to Orthodox services for a while now, and have become used to long services, (all done standing) and that with the potlucks following Liturgy, we are usually at the church until noon.  But my poor parents (especially my dad and stepmom) and NOT used to church services, let alone 3.5 hours long ones, LET ALONE formal, liturgical-style ones!  For the most part, everyone was a good sport about it though.

And now with Chrismas coming up we have a tree (that we still need to decorate), last-minute presents to buy, a slew of dinners and parties to go to, and my nagging 18lbs to lose!


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on December 12, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Lovely to hear from you! I was just thinking of you today and wondering how work was going. So glad you talked to the boss and cleared it up. I don’t think I’ve ever been to anything Orthodox, I don’t really know my religions but is it similar to Catholic ceremonies? Well done for you family joining you. Sounds like life has been busy, tis the time of the year I feel. Enjoy the holiday season activities – who knows this time next year it may be a whole lotta other kind of busy hehe.


    • Hey Kiwi! In terms of the services being traditional, liturgical-style worship, Orthodoxy would definitely be closer in feel to Catholicism then, say, a Protestant church service.

      Here’s hoping that next Christmas will be a flurry of activity with a new addition (or at least a pregnancy!) for both of us!


    • Believe me, our services are not normally that long! Lol. However, there are benches along the walls for people to use as they need. Nobody judges anyone for sitting if they need to! I remember when we first started attending an Orthodox church, I could only stand for about 30 minutes of it.


  2. Congratulations! I’ve been to some services that lasted 3 hours but dang girl we were allowed to sit for a bit in-between readings. Good luck on losing the last 18 pounds. I still have 35 to go.


  3. Congratulations! that’s a really long service, well done for getting through it. I don’t go to church in that respect but whenever I read about it it does seem like a nice community to be part of.


  4. So glad to hear that things are better at work. And congratulations on joining a church!


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