…You know what else I love about my job?

I have said those words a LOT the last couple weeks.  To the point that last night, I started a sentence with them, stopped and turned to Hubster and asked “Am I annoying you by saying that too much?”

The silver lining of the Job From Hell is that I really and truly appreciate how super, fabulous, awesome my new job is.  How cheery and warm everything is, from the people to the decor.  I was driving home tonight thinking I would love to get a box of Christmas cards, and write everyone at the clinic a little note letting them know how great I think they all are.  Of course only time will tell if I actually end up doing that next month since I am a bit of a procrastinator lol!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU all for you lovely comments in my last few posts.  It really would make my day to step out for a lunch break and see those comments on my iPhone.  I’ve done my best to reply to everyone, if I missed anyone I’m blaming it on some computer malfunction.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  I’m off the next two days and I’m looking forward to being able to really catch up on the blogs I read.  I try to read on my iPhone but sometimes the tiny print gets overwhelming and I just have to stop.  If my job had WiFi I could take my Nook and read during my lunch break but I don’t think we have WiFi…. Hmmmm…..

So basically I decided to stop being so hard on myself about the weight stuff.  I know that my weight is important, but there is MORE to me and my health and well being than just my weight.  So I decided to focus my energy on getting to church, reading some books I’ve been trying to get through for several months now, spending cuddle time with Hubster and the animals, and throwing myself into my new job.  Trying to absorb as much training as I can.  Although I have to admit that by the end of the day I’m usually a bit fried, and so my attempts at putting sentences together can be a bit humerus….  I’m hopeful that I can start keeping a gym bag in my car and I will really try to get in a swim after work in the next week.  (And even get in on my days off!  What an idea!) But even that I’m trying to keep it as a “relaxation/stress relief” concept and NOT as a “burn disgusting fat off” concept.

I am really looking forward to getting to hang out with Alex tomorrow, and my cousin Blithe in the evening.  Thursday is Acupuncture, Weight Doctor, and then hanging out with Jewel and going to the Breaking Dawn premier.  The one slightly-suicidal-moment is the fact that the premier technically starts at 12:30am Friday morning (half an hour past midnight).  I have to be in to work at 7:30am Friday morning.  Assuming the movie runs about 2 hours, I will get out of the movie at about 2:30/3am.  Drive home, crawl into bed, and wake up at 5:45am to walk dogs, get dressed, and get on the road by 6:45am.  Oh, and did I mention that Friday’s are known for being swamped, overbooked, and rife with last-minute-pseudo-emergencies?  Yup.  Forget vampires and werewolves, I’m gonna be a zombie. But my plan is to indulge and get a latte Friday morning, and just keep myself nice and caffeinated all day, then come home and go straight to bed so I can get up and go in for work on Saturday.  I know I’m setting myself up for being exhausted, but whenever my “responsible” voice chimes in that I shouldn’t go to the premier, my “emotional” voice sticks it’s fingers in it’s ears, closes it’s eyes and yells “LALALALALALA!  I went to the last 3 premiers, I’m not missing this one!”

I’m just a big bag of common sense, aren’t I?  🙂

In other news, Thanksgiving is next week (YAY!) and I have figured out how to celebrate it twice (YAY!), once with my mom and once with my dad.  Unfortunately Blithe is canceling on the dinner planned with my mom (BOO!) so it will be JUST Hubster, myself and my mom… Not exactly the big boisterous family dinner one pictures for this event.  But hopefully we will bring on the merriness and enjoy ourselves regardless.  I’m hopeful that between the TWO Thanksgivings we will have some serious leftovers, and everyone knows Thanksgiving leftovers are THE BEST.

(For my international friends, the traditional Thanksgiving meal includes a turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce… and then there is usually some kind of string-bean-casserole and/or a sweet-potatoe-casserole… along with pumpkin pie, and possibly a handful of other pie/dessert items.  I have to admit, I make an EPIC pumpkin pie, from scratch, I start with a pumpkin and everything!)

A note in praise of Hubster: Sunday I woke up and was hit with a double whammy.  My throat was scratchy (the first words out my mouth was a rather pathetic “I’m siiiiiiiiiick”) and ALSO my period started.  (Throat hurts, bloated, cramp-y, all colors of grouchy) So without being asked, he walked the dogs (I usually do the morning walks with the dogs) and then made eggs and started boiling water so by the time I shuffled into the kitchen he had an omelet and hot water for tea all ready for me.  If that wasn’t enough super-husband-ness, today I came home from work to find the apartment vacuumed (multiple times), and all the kitchen counters had been wiped down and ALL the dishes and been cleaned AND put away.  So, all that to say my husband is a ROCK STAR, and I wuvel him!!!!! I know I complain about him on here a lot, so let this post stand as evidence that he can be incredibly thoughtful and helpful and loving and I really appreciate him.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Aw, so glad to hear the hubster is helping out. Remember to give him LOTS of positive affirmation so he keeps it up 🙂

    I’m SO happy to hear about your job and how well things are going for you, good things are ahead 🙂

    I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE PREMIERE!! In my small town they’re playing all of the previous 3 movies in a marathon ending with breaking dawn just after midnight, my dilemma is the same with work the next morning. i haven’t decided if I’m going to try and see all 4 or maybe take a nap ahead of time and then just see breaking dawn. Eek!


  2. Hope you have a good two days off.


  3. Glad to hear he was helping out a bit, it makes such a difference when our hubbies do that.

    Breaking down doesn’t come to my town till next thursday. But I get to sit on the second floor balcony (which I find more fun than I probably should) here so I do’t bother driving into town to watch it earlier.


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