Infertility Reality Show?

Last night I was watching Pro.ject Runw.ay, and for some reason I started comparing the contestants to IF people.  I think a big part of it is, these people are SO passionate about fashion, and they say over and over how much they want to make it to fashion week.  To the rest of the world, this is applauded.  But when we cry and say over and over how much we want to be mothers we are scorned.  It just makes no sense, that it’s acceptable for these people to be fighting tooth and nail for their dream but I need to have some “restraint”, or “perspective”, or “decorum” as I fight to achieve my dream.

Which got me thinking; if there was a “Project Motherhood” where the winner is guaranteed they can become a mother (I realize how ridiculous that seems, but stick with me) what would it look like?  What would be our weekly challenge?  Go shopping at the local Baby.sRus?  Paint a onesie?  Plan a baby shower for a family-member-who-is-younger-and-single? Take a pregnancy test and not cry when it’s negative?  See who responds best to Clomid? What would we say in our “confessionals”?

Mostly this was a very weird tangent my brain went off on last night, but I had to share.  Any thoughts?

Other than the fact that I have completely lost any semblance of sanity…

On a final note, it seems that infertility is getting talked about more and more, and that there is more education and awareness for it.  (Maybe I just notice it because I am one?)  Redbook is doing a great campaign called “The Truth about Trying” and has web posts from celebrities as well as regular people about their experience with IF.  Compared to the multiple amazing blogs I follow, it’s all a bit brief and watered down, but the fact is they offer great snapshots of what it is like to face this disease.  If you have a minute feel free to go over and take a peak, and maybe upload a video of your own.


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  1. Weekly challenges, oh this could be fun!

    1) Each mother will be given a baby and a decibel reader for 24 hours. As the baby cries, the decibel reader records strength and duration. The mother with the lowest average decibel reading for the 24 hours wins.

    2) A gift certificate for $500 worth of fertility medications is buried in a pit of used diapers – GO!

    3) You must write a birds and bees speech appropriate for a 10 year old. The speech that best discourages teenage sex without giving the kid a complex wins.


  2. Posted by babycrazykiwi on October 21, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I love that idea!!!!!! I would so enter. The prize could be all expenses paid IVF until you come home with a baby.


  3. Funny idea – I love that kind of lateral thinking. Because I’m an utter cynicbitch, and don’t really watch those shows anyway – doesn’t it take a certain sort of person to approach/consent to being on any kind of reality show? LOVE your idea, would love to watch it irl especially if it avoids the cliches of progression (failed ivf= adoption every time) and focusing on the ‘drama’ for ratings and avoids bimbo attentionwhores.
    Would be GREAT for awareness of infertility, especially if they had some professional psychologist rationalising that feelings coming up were indeed quite normal


    • I have to agree, I don’t think I would ever personally enter onto a reality show, but it was an amusing idea to play out in my head 🙂

      I think having some kind of “infertility psychologist” on the judging panel would be important for sure. And because there are usually 3 judges in these kinds of things… maybe a professional nanny/childcare person and then the token celebrity who has personally dealt with infertility.


  4. Haha funny ideas. The crazy infertile show 😉


  5. I’ll go check it out right now. Sometimes TTC is so frustrating and the hormones are overwhelming that I don’t know if I want to cry, scream, or have a total temper tantrum.


  6. hilarious idea!


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