I feel like the last couple days has been a roller coaster, of really great moments where I want to break out into singing and goal-dancing.  (Usually when I nail something at work and I feel like I know my sh!t) and then really low points where I want to crawl into a whole and cry (usually when I f*ck something up at work… or spend all my free time alone because Hubster works opposite shift as me so the ONLY human contact I get is at work).  But the totally awesome thing was that when I checked the mail today I had a package from Stinky.  And not just the normal “bar or 2 of chocolate”.  This baby was like a care package!  Like you might have gotten your first year in college from your mom?  Candy from New Zealand, a chocolate bar from her UK childhood and TWO tins of tea.  I feel so loved!!!!!!!!!!  It was totally what I needed today.  I can’t even tall you guys how much it meant, especially since there was a card and everything!  ZI might have hugged the package… and then eaten the candy bar…. and some of these chocoalte-covered-pineapple-chew-things.  SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!  And I’m not worrying about the diet today, I’m just having a laid back, “cheat” day.   Day 42 of 100 Days of Happiness 😀

On a totally separate note, I want to whine about how, when I comment on a blogger account, I can’t hit any kind of box that says “notify me of replies”.  I feel so bad because it takes me a while to get back around and see if anyone replied to my comment!!!!  As much as I ADORE using wordpress, I wish that blogger and wordpress accounts were a tad more compatible.  *MAJOR POUTING*  Stupid blogger……

And lastly, it looks like our planned camping trip later this week is out, because Hubster has a job interview.  I’m bummed because I was looking forward to camping with Hubster and Jewel (I don’t care if it is October, I haven’t camped in eons and I wanna CAMP!) but it looks like Jewel and I are now planning a day hike with the dogs, so I guess that’s almost as epic as camping.  I’m just thrilled I’m still going to get to see her and spend time in the woods.


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on October 11, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    I believe the pineapple chew things you are referring to are (if they’re from NZ) Pineapple Lumps and yes they simply are delicious. As a child I bought a whole bag, ate the lot and landed myself my very first migraine! Anywho hope you enjoyed the package. Keep smiling xxx


  2. Aww that’s the works of Choco Buddies =) Love it!

    And blogger, how about the ‘Subscribe by email’ button? should work even though you use wordpress, eh! Or do you need to get a blogger account/profile? that would be a little stupid.


  3. Camp any time you please. I didn’t realize that most people camped in the summer and not the winter until I was in my teens. My dad only ever took me when it was cold out (and once I melted my boots against the fire pit we made). Then again, I also wasn’t familiar with camp sites either. that’s not camping, that’s a large parking lot of people. Get thee to the boonies!


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