Blah Blah, I’m busy, Blah.

Hey everyone.

I know, you all just sit at your computers all day waiting for my posts, hu?

Since I know you all have lives, and other blogs you read, I assume that’s just not true, but here’s an update on moi:


-1AM got my new job offer!  Day 37 of 100…

-Went to my Weight Loss Clinic.  I was late (pretty much my biggest phobia) but the staff was super nice.  I offered to reschedule but they squeezed me in.  Since my last weigh-in (oh… about two months ago at this point) I have lost 3 pounds.  THREE????  I suck balls.  *sigh*  But the doctor I saw today (different than last time because I had to reschedule so many times) was really kind about it, and we chatted about my plan on moving forward.  He also gave me a prescription for Phentermine, and because he knows we are tight on money (and also just for my overall health) he told me to half the dose so that a month’s supply will last two months.  Basically it is just to help control my appetite so I can think rationally about what I put in my mouth, as opposed to going all insane-Hulk-like on my kitchen and stuffing my face uncontrollably.  I also sucked it up and bought some of the pre-packaged foods.  A shake mix, and a couple boxes of protein bars.  Basically the shake starts my day off on the right foot, and the bars are to help when I’m out and on the go and can’t pack meat and yogurt around with me in a hot car all day.  Here’s hoping I can make some real progress that stays off! *waves pompoms in the air, jumping up and down* Staying peppy and optimistic, right?!

-Met up with Alex.  She showed me some of her super cool pottery (If we didn’t own an excessive amount of mugs I would have bought one… or ten.  Seriously guys, go check out her blog and her art!)  I figured we would chat for an hour or something and she would walk away thinking I was one of the strangest folks she has met in a long time, but we ended up talking for around 3 hours (give or take a half hour.. or hour?) and I had to end the conversation only because I had plans with Blithe and his husband.  It was so great to make a connection with an ALI person IRL.  We have different stories, but the emotional experiences are similar, and it’s so great to sit over coffee and have someone GET it.  I’m hoping that when I go up to Seattle for my monthly weigh-ins we will be able to hang out.  (That is, if I didn’t scare her away.  I feel like I either get shy and saying nothing, or shoot off my mouth because I’m too outgoing and end up doing some serious over-sharing…)

-Had dinner with Blithe and his hubby, Nordy.  I haven’t seen Nordy  is for-ev-er, because I’ve been busy and he has been jetting off the last month or so since he works in fashion and was bouncing back and forth to NY and LA.  But I love hearing his stories.  And caught up with Blithe, it’s his first year teaching and so he also has some pretty humerus stories of the “things kids say and do” variety.  We also chatted a bit about how Hubster and I are doing.  Unlike certain family members, they are so non-judgmental and understanding.  They often have really great insight.  I wish we had moved to Seattle instead of Tacoma so we could visit more often… C’est la vie!


-Got up and went to my nanny job for a couple hours.  I hadn’t slept well and was just exhausted, all flippin’ day.  But I did my best to keep up with them, and we walked down to a local park for a bit.  But by the time I got home I was so tired I had a major headache and nausea from it all, so I took an epic nap.  It was fabulous.  Epic nap = Day 38 of 100…

-Made an apple tart, and went over for dinner with some folks from our church.  Hubster wasn’t feeling well, so unfortunately we only hung out for about 2 1/2 hours.  The family was really nice and hospitable, I wish we could have stayed longer.  Most of the conversation had to do with our church, and while that’s great I wish we could have gotten to chatting about other interests.  You know, do they garden?  Do they camp, scrapbook, go antiquing, rock the Wii, underwater basket weave?  I guess I was just hoping we would have something else in common other than church.  Hopefully with more time we will find more connections.

It’s tough, because I really am motivated to make connections, make friends at this new church but I just haven’t really “clicked” with anyone other than the main Priest yet.  And we are set to be Baptised and Chrismated October 16th and we need folks to be our Godparents and that’s hard to do if you don’t really know anyone to ask…


-Slept in.  🙂

-Eating right.  🙂

-Swam 24 laps/30 minutes.  🙂

-Chilling on the couch watching Tosh.O with Hubster and all the critters.  🙂

Overall, good day 🙂  Day 39 of 100 Days of Happiness.

In other news:

Not looking forward to having to be at my nanny job tomorrow at 7am.  I already told her that when my new job starts I am happy to continue nannying, but in the afternoons.  I need to allow my body to move to a new sleep schedule.  I’m actually getting a little frustrated with people who don’t understand that, and expect me to be awake during a “regular” day… I mean, when the hell am I supposed to sleep?  And trying to go back and forth in sleep schedules causes all sorts of insomnia and other sleep issues.  No thank you!  So I have a feeling I may start being b*tchy about it when people want me to wake up at “normal” times…

The warning is out there people.

You have been warned.  Just sayin’.

Beware the wrath o’ BleedingTulip!

*makes a scary face, except it just comes across as kind of a pathetic attempt at looking scary*



6 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck with the scedual switch up. People are always giving me crap about my schedual even though it doesn’t affect them and it’s only a few hours later than the average person.


  2. Posted by Margaret on September 30, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Oct 16th, huh? That’s awesome!! Wish we could be there! God grant you both many years!


  3. Not scared off at all and totally looking forward to our next hang out!

    Have you asked the docs about Alli? I think we briefly talked about diet and stuff and like an idiot, I’m having trouble keeping in my head what we discussed at what we didn’t. But my doctor gave me Alli. It blocks some of the fat you eat (even the good fat) from actually absorbing and just pushes it right back out of your body. It won’t do the weight loss work for you, but it will make your efforts a little bit more efficient.

    And 3lbs? That’s great! All of my life, I’ve gained about a half a pound a month. If your body does that too, than in 1 month, you have undone 6 months worth of damage. That’s awesome!


    • We did chat about Alli. 🙂 I actually did try it… maybe a year ago? If you find it effective that’s great but it didn’t really help me. The way the body metabolizes fat, it doesn’t actually store it as fat. The way the body metabolizes carbs (particularly grain and gluten heavy carbs) is what triggers the body to store fat. I know it seems counter intuitive that I’m overweight but I really am a nutrition NERD (I read journal/research articles for fun) so I try to stop myself before I go off on long tangents about nutrition because I’m sure the average person doesn’t find it nearly as fascinating as I do lol.

      What is really my problem is when an emotional situation triggers the urge to binge eat and then all my knowledge and logic go out the window and before I realize it ice eaten half a pie… Or a tub of ice cream… Or a pan of brownies… Or an entire bag if Dove chocolates… My weakness is breads and sugars which is essentially all carbs.


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