Balance Act

Alrighty, today was anew day.  And one that I feel addressed a lot of my emotional overwhelming-ness of yesterday.

Got up and went swimming (14 laps!  Or 7 if you count “down and back” as one, but it’s more fun to say 14), showered and went to work.  I actually had a unique situation where the kiddos were asleep, the house was clean and I got to read my Nook for about an hour.  Then came home and cuddled with Hubster for a bit, talked with my fav SIL for about an hour and a half on the phone, prepped dinner, did a bit of job hunting and now catching up on blogs as Scrubs plays on the TV.

Exercised, worked, read, loved, hunted, cooked, blogged… all in one day 🙂

Tomorrow I wont be needed at work so I plan to set aside time to work out, do more job hunting, clean/organize the apartment a bit, and keep up my reading.

So what was I reading?  More of “Mating in Captivity”.  Ya, it’s been a long time since I talked about it (read here) Today I got through the second chapter.  I keep highlighting stuff on every Nook page!


Just finished dinner.  I just threw on my favorite “interview” clothes to go drop off an application for a graveyard shift.  (I would L-U-V a night shift since I’m a night owl!)  So I’m just going to make sure my resume and cover letter are good to go, print ’em off, then off I go!


One response to this post.

  1. I’m getting sad that I don’t have a tv in my computer room (I know, hard done by, ain’t I?) because that’s pretty much the only way I’d watch TV. I can’t sit still long enough for TV alone and I only watch when I exercise or I’m doing something else too. I always think “I could be reading”. I’m such a dork.
    I’m glad you had a day with a little of everything.


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