Where does the time go?

Today is CD2.  Woohoo for the Red Bitch showing up, making me crampy, bloated, and generally irritable.

For only working 12 hours a week I don’t get shit done.  I can’t keep up with my blogs.  (I often read but can’t comment.  iPhone gets grumpy when I try to comment, deletes what I have types up and insistes I “log in” to wordpress even though I am commenting on a blogger account)  Part of it is that I feel like I am running around trying to people please my boss, my friends and even my husband.  When he is here, I feel this unconscious urge that we have to be spending time together.  And honestly, I enjoy doing stuff with him.  But without any formal “break” (since he hasn’t been able to find a job yet, and doesn’t really have any friends out here so that means he has no place to go … so he is always here.) I am not getting done the things I usually do with my “me” time.  Usually that includes catching up with blogs, catching up with the 6+ books I am trying to read, watching my guilty pleasure tv shows (proj.ect run.way, america’s ne.xt top mo.del)

Even right now, as I type this post, there is a new Jeff Dun.ham show on Com.edy Central.  we both really enjoy him, and as much as I want to watch it, I just know I don’t have time to do it all.  I have spent the better part of the evening blanching/peeling/pitting plums, making jam and preserves.  I have to get up to go swimming in the morning before work (partly for myself, partly for my boss who is keeping tabs on my exercise routine) And of course I also need to take the time to finish filling out an application for St.arbucks, as well as check out the new job vet tech postings on Crai.gslist… and finish cleaning the house.  We cleaned the kitchen and bathroom yesterday, so that leaves us with main bedroom, guest bedroom and living room…  which are all scary in their own unique ways.

Bedroom: a closet about 3 feet layer of clothes covers the floor that needs to be hung up and put away.  Need to pick some art to put on the asylum-looking-bare-walls.  (I hate that you can’t pain an apartment’s walls…) And there is a huge dresser take up space that needs to get thrown in the back of Hubster’s truck and taken to Goodw.ill.

Spare Bedroom: not exactly sure, a lot of Husbter’s stuff, a variety of plastic drawers from our college days we either need to find homes for and utilize or get rid of.  And one very broken file cabinet that needs to be replaced.

Living room: a couple of boxes of last odds’n’ends.  I’m not entirely sure what is in them.  I am suspicious there are probably a few items that are expensive and should not be thrown away, but also a good number of items that we can get rid of. I hate sorting through stuff and trying to find homes for all the important stuff.  Then there are a bunch of pictures lining the baseboards, that either need to be hung up somewhere, or gotten rid of.  But again, I hate sorting stuff.  The coffee table is a jumble of stuff, the printer “desk” just is not working out but I don’t know what to do differently.

And really, I am just exhausted.  I’m tired of being tired.  I just feel like I’m running on empty.  All.  The.  Time.  I just need to take a day and sleep.  But I have something going on.  Ever.  Day.  And it’s the kind of tired where coffee really doesn’t do anything.  I just pretend like it’s working, psyching myself up, so I can get through the next task.

On that note, my final alarm went off that my last batch of jars are ready to be taken out of the hot bath.  And then I will be done with canning for the day.  And am dragging my butt to bed.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on September 25, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Busy lady!! I don’t envy that whole moving thing. I hate the packing and unpacking and organising. All the best with getting it sorted. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Feeling lots better now as is the usual way with my hormones.
    Take care xx


  2. I know how you feel about being ‘tired of being tired’… and wanting ‘me’ time. Hope it comes along for you soon xoxo


  3. I actually like to organize things but can postpone it until I get tired of looking at the mess.. hope you can get some balance between what needs to be done and resting up.


  4. Maybe I missed this in a previous post or something, but why does your employer track your exercise?


    • She is a personal trainer and when mentioned I needed to drop 50lbs before we try to get pregnant again she got really excited. Mostly I don’t mind, I need all the support, encouragement and accountability I can get.


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