Therapy Update

I only have a few minutes to type, as we are getting ready to leave for a friend’s wedding, but wanted to let y’all know that our time with our counselor yesterday was really really great.  I’m pretty sure that Ms.Communication is some kind of magical fairy when it comes to helping people.

She had us outline the boundaries I’m comfortable with, and while it felt really awkward, it helps me to relax and know Hubster wont be pushing past them, and helps him to know how to touch me without worrying that I might yell at him.

She is having me come by for a private session next Tuesday.  I’m not exactly sure what she wants to cover, but I’m sure it will be great as well.

The hardest thing about the session was realizing that while I have thought that I trust Hubster, the fact is I don’t.  After so many years together, and trusting one another, it feels so weird and icky to not trust him.  And thus we had to outline my boundaries.  But the idea is that by seeing him respect my boundaries, over time, the trust will begin to reform.

Strangely enough we didn’t really talk a lot about the STD/sex stuff.  Just ran out of time, had so much to catch her up on.  I’m hoping to talk with her more on Tuesday.  The little bit that we did talk about it, she basically told me to do a man-hunt for my vibrator (I have apparently lost it in my apartment) or buy a new one.  We didn’t really talk about protected sex as much.  Most likely because with the boundaries I need to feel comfortable and safe, it would be all but impossible to have sex lol.

Ok, better run.  We have a long drive ahead of us!


2 responses to this post.

  1. it sounds like you slowly but surely are getting things sorted out – in your mind. Sometimes that’s the most important thing – to understand for yourself what you feel, need, want. So yay to this!


  2. You could make it like an easter hunt! but not chocolate at the end, lol. Glad the appointmetn was productive.


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