Awkwardness, Arguing, Home Economics

A day for bullet points; what has gone on in the last two days:

-Much discussion and debate about why I feel awkward when things turn “romantic”.  Mostly with a lot of “I don’t know why I feel this way, I just do” to which Hubster replies “I don’t want to push anything, buuuut….”


-Started today off with an argument about bills.  Oh, ya, I forgot how we fight about money.  It took up most of the day.  We sat down and listed ALL our reoccurring bills, all the new bills, food, gas… and basically found out that to survive we need about $2,500 a month.  Being an adult sucks.  I hate being responsible.  I hate having to budget gas and grocery because that means I can’t drive up to Seattle or out to Port Orchard on a whim anymore.  It also makes my part-time-nannying look like diddly-squat with the anticipated $400 a month it brings in.  Yes, we have the trust account, but really… who wants to live off that?  We need jobs. Real jobs.  Like… yesterday.  I hate that I have three student loans (and in 2018 a 4th student loan starts needing to get repaid, but I’ll worry about that then) that take up a big chunk of that monthly budget.  I hate that since moving to Tacoma our car insurance approximately tripled.  (Yes, we are shopping around for something cheaper)

-Radar, my old dog, has worms.  Yes, we do monthly de-worming (they just got it Friday, so it’s feasible they are showing up in his poo because of the pill) and they can pick up the microscopic eggs anywhere, but really… it’s just disgusting to see them all white and wiggly as I bag the stuff when I walk the dogs.  BLECH!  If it doesn’t clear up in a few more days it probably means I need to take him into a vet to get another de-worming dose and really clear the problem out (and if he has it, you can assume the other two do as well, so that means THREE dogs into the vet.  After an afternoon of money arguments, I really don’t want to contemplate telling Hubster I need to take three dogs in for exams and medications)

-Hubster is going in Friday for ST.D testing.  (Or do they call it ST.I testing now?)  Because, well, it seems like the responsible thing to do after the incident.  The crappy thing about our situation is after a big argument, there is no make-up sex.  We had some make-up cuddles but it’s not the same.  When we went down to Planned Parenthood yesterday to make the appointment, I felt so out of place.  Of course it’s in a rougher neighborhood… it just wasn’t ever a place I saw myself going to.  Like some kind of thing I would see in a movie or a tv show, something that happens to other people, not me.  Like I was in somebody else’s life.  I didn’t put my foot in my mouth in the clinic or anything, but emotionally it was just very overwhelming and stressful.  We had the conversation of “what if they find something?” but really, we can’t plan for those kinds of things too much.  We will just have to take it one day at a time, pursue any treatment they recommend…  Of course both of us is hoping it will be a “waste” of money and everything will come back clean, but we’re not going to take any chances either.

-I canned some peaches yesterday!  I made them “spicy”, with a cinnamon stick, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and ginger… excited for when we finally open them up and try them later this winter.  They went up on the shelf with the peaches I canned last month with some women from church.

-Currently watching Boon.dock Sa.ints.  Can I just say I ❤ this movie?  We ended up decided on the name of Rocco for the kitten because he just looks like he’s going to get into trouble.  I also really like the sequel… I know many people don’t like it, but when you think about how hard Tr.oy Du.ffy worked to make the film (worked for years!) and the amazing number of principle characters they got to return, obviously everyone involved was really invested in this story.  How can you be a fan of the first movie and not support the creator and actors in a sequel project they really believed in?  In an interview Tr.oy said he has been approached to do a series (on something like HB.O – where they could be true to the foul language and violence of the movies) and that producing a series is a lot easier than a movie, so I’m impatient for more news on that front.


Yesterday = Canning peaches! Day 30 of 100

Today = Cuddling my kitty as I watch his name-sake.  Day 31 of 100 Days of Happiness.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Let me just say…I used to have a cat named Rocco because he behaved like the BDS character! I love that movie!

    I am so sorry that you and Hubster are having troubles. I admire you for what you’re doing! Keep up the good work!


  2. You’re going through so much at the moment… and I agree being an adult is not great. Whatever happened to the fun old days ? Thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog… thinking of you xoxo


  3. Hey hon,
    Money sucks doesn’t it? I’m not one for “chickens for check ups” but I do sometimes wish the barter system was still in place. 🙂
    So listen, I hate to be a party pooper, but not all STI’s show up within a few weeks. Even if hubster gets the “all clear”, it’s still recommended that he get tested again in three months just to make sure, and you guys should use protection until then. Some STIs take a couple of months to show up on tests. I would really do it just to be safe.


    • I just read this after I wrote my most recent angry post… seems like you read my mind.

      Although you did make me crack a smile with your “chickens for check ups”, which was greatly needed.


  4. I love Boondock Saints! Now I want to go rewatch it. Good luck at the clinic, I’m sure all will be well, but it’s a necessary evil. And I’m with Mo, ask when would be the latest show up for you guys needing to recheck.


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