The Baby-Brain Patch (An Acme Product)

Much like a nicotine patch, is not as good as an actual cigarette but it DOES aid in the cravings of nicotine, Acme (the suppliers of all things Loony Toons) has finally come out with the Baby-Brain Patch (patent pending). 

It comes in a variety of colors, shapes and personalities, but mine came in this packaging:

A six week old, tuxedo-colored kitten.  That I have named Bond.

(Tuxedo… Bond… get it?!?!)

Definitely cuddling this little critter is helping my put a sock in the mouth of my baby-brain.

(*To the tune of hea.d-on*)

Kitten, apply directly to the cuddles.

Kitten, apply directly to the cuddles.

Kitten, apply directly to the cuddles.

This is my happy of the day.  A super cute, fuzzy, wuzzy adorable kitten!  Oh ya, and my husband got home 😛

Day 25 of 100 Days of Happiness.


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on September 7, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Aww I so want a kitten. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Thinking of you right now.


  2. ummm…please tell me you got the kitten and not that your hubby gave it to you.
    Not trying to kill your happy here, just figured it’s a relevant question.


    • The kitten is a bit of a story. We had been talking about getting a kitten, and he had picked one out, but it died. So when this kitten fell into his lap, he called and asked me if I was ok with him bringing Bond out.
      So it was discussed and planned.
      Admittedly after the incident, it had the added weight of being a gift, but one of the ways I receive love (via the 5 love languages book) is through physical touch, and gifts, so it really did speak to my love language. He has never really been great at giving gifts, so it’s kind of a big deal in our house.


      • Maybe I’m over-sensative about gifts at bad times, but I just get suspicious of any commitment style gift that force further ties. Like proposing during a fight (I got caught in that one, even if Hubby didn’t intend it to be a distraction). Ya, I have a very cynical side.

      • I was going to say the same thing SLC said.

  3. Cutie! Hope your dogs are nice and calm around this little one =)

    I truly hope everything works out for you.


    • Emma and Radar seem mildly interested by the kitten, although the occasional sniff is all they seem to want. Glen, on the other hand, thinks that Bond will hurt him and is scared of the kitten, and if the kitten comes up to him he either runs away or does a little growl. But they have all been around cats before, so it should be a decently smooth transition.

      Mostly the dogs just want to eat the kitten food and get into its litter box. *sigh*


  4. ahhh, so cute 🙂
    what a wonderful happy of the day!


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