How Do You Kick Someone Out of Their House?

~~If this is your first time here, or here for ICLW I put up a post on August 21st that covers my  infertility history.  Feel free to check it out 🙂 ~~

This morning was a whirlwind, I got up, ran to the groceries store for Polly, went to Q’s to drop off said items and feed the poultry, and milk goats, only to run back to Polly’s for stuff she left in the driver (and move the wet stuff into the dryer) ran back, delivered sheets, watered the garden, ran store again for more last minute items, went by Polly’s to get the last stuff in the dryer, when she suddenly realized she had lost her drivers license and was overreacting a teensy bit due to low sleep and stress of last minute-ness…  I was worried she was going to bail on this retreat of her and was trying to decide exactly how to force her to leave town.  Luckily, between myself, her fiance D, and Q’s wife F we were able to calm her down enough to finally load the LAST of the stuff up and strap her into the truck.  I very much hope she can relax and enjoy the retreat but since she’s involved in the food prep she may not get to as much as she should.

So now I’m back at Polly’s with 5 dogs, a dozen guinea pigs and 5 birds… after all the hustle-and-bustle it is oddly quiet!  So I figured I would use this time to catch up in blogland!    Then it will be back to Q’s in the evening to tend to all that is going on over there.

In all my crazy errand running and standing in check-put lines, I can’t help but brows the covers of various magazines.  Apparently Jen.nifer Ani.ston got good news from her fertility doctor that she’s having twins.  *unenthusiastic cheering*  You know, on one hand I think it’s great when celebs acknowledge they have to see a fertility specialist.  Spreading the word that infertility is a common problem and all that.  But then on the other hand, it is frustrating because she has (I would assume) a pretty fat bank account, and probably amazing insurance, so that while she has had to emotionally deal with infertility, I have to wonder if she has ever given a teeny tiny second’s thought to the expense of procedures, testing, medications… or the expenses associated with a newborn (or two!) and raising said children.  Even if you live in a country that covers a lot of fertility treatment, most of us are still average-Joe’s, working hard, having to weigh our pennies and think about what this all will cost at some point or another.

And well, I guess I feel like every time I turn around this week someone else is pregnant or having a baby.  People from my college days are dropping it like it’s hot.  I can’t help but think how when we started and I was 24 and everyone told me “Why are you even trying already? You’re so young!  You wont have any problems.”  And now I’m 26, and facing 27  in about 7 months… I can’t help wondering “When is it my turn?”  Don’t misunderstand, it’s not in a pity-party sort of way, just more feeling very confused by the way this has all gone.  Like I’m seeing my life through different eyes or something.  It’s my life but sometimes it seems like some weird OZ version of my life… it’s strange and discombobulating at the moment.  Like I was 24 and happily ignorant, and just woke up to find myself in someone else’s life 2 years later thinking “what just happened?”  Maybe I’m just still overtired from getting to sleep so late, and sleeping on a couch since the bed was taken last night so I didn’t sleep well.

Going to go read some blogs (yay ICLW!) and read 1 of the 3+ books I have waiting for me, and hopefully push through this bizarre feeling.

Happy thing for today: Drinking milk I collected.  Raw, not completely ruined pasteurized, and so delicious!  Day  of 100 Days of Happiness 😀


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  1. I always get a bit jealous of anyone who can “plan” on getting pregnant (like SIL). I simply can’t comprehend that. It does suck that money enters into the equation at all. Sigh….

    It sounds like you are having fun on the farm, keep up the great work!!


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