Brain Flambé

My brain is fried, bare with me. If you are here for ICLW check out my earlier post on the 21st for my background in TTC/IF.

Got up, started my day. I did 2(or was it 3?) loads of laundry (I know you’re all impressed since I’ve been living alone for the last 2 months) and 2 loads of dishes and cleaned the counters. Alas I did not get to clearing the kitchen table or various hardware bits nor did I vacuum the carpets. I packed my weekend bag and my laptop, nook and an extra book. I emptied my car of all it’s random trash, loaded up 3 corgis + collapsable kennel + dog food … Oh and took a shower somewhere in there … Then drove out to the Washington peninsula where I unloaded dogs and my weekend bag at Polly’s and thus began multiple trips from her home to her boyfriend Q’s home, moving massive amounts of food, as well as assisting in baking 15 quiches, 200 slices of French toast and also milked the 2 goats and I’m finally back at Polly’s with my feet up, exhausted. But you know what? I loved every minute of it. Hanging out with a huge group of people, feeling like an active member of a small community… It was really great. It was nice to feel useful, to have goals and a purpose after so much time alone. And that’s my happy for the day 🙂

Day 15 (I think thats right…) of 100 days of happiness!


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  1. 200 slices of french toast? And milking 2 goats? Ok, you’ve got me beat… holy crap!


    • lol. Well it’s this big retreat, and they were trying to prep food for 100 people… besides what we made, I heard rumor of 11 lasagnas, approx. 12 gallons of curry, taco fixings…. it was craziness!


  2. wow – you know how to milk a goat?!?!?! I am impressed 🙂


    • Well, I know I have probably milked a cow before, but that was just for the fun of it, you know, maybe 2 squirts? It’s not necessarily hard, but doing it quickly (because they get impatient if you take too long) while getting it all is what’s tricky. I’m sure I’ll have it down pat by they time they get back and I wont have to do it anymore haha!


  3. honestly that sounds amazing the cooking and milking goats (v.v. impressed). good for you!!


  4. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the weekend, but also a little relieved I wont be doing it alone for weeks and weeks either.


  5. was milking a cow part of your vet training?


    • Ya, we got a chance to try it in my 4 semester. We did full physicals, checking for bloat (flicking the stomach to see if you hear air), how to pill a cow, how to check body condition scale, take temperature… I can’t even remember it all anymore! Oh, that’s depressing!


  6. Posted by Sarah on August 26, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    what a productive day!!! You deserve a good rest!!!

    Happy ICLW


  7. This made me think of Harriot’s All Creatures Great and Small 🙂


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