Numbers Game

Since Monday I’ve been following my diet pretty closely.  Measuring everything, calculating the nutritional information… it’s getting easier.  I’m finding some “go-to” snacks that are quick and easy and within the “rules”.  Besides tracking my BBT, I have been weighing myself every morning too.  I didn’t really expect to see crazy fast results, (to be honest, as hopeful as I am, I’m also jaded as I’ve struggled with weight my whole life, so there was a part of me figuring this wouldn’t work) and I know that I may go up and down, but I figure if I weigh in every day I can see a trend.

Friday, when I went to the doctor I was 244.1lbs (110.7kg).  Total body fat was at 46.0%, 110.2lbs of fat (5.0kg).  Fat-Free Mass was at 54.0%, 129.4 lbs(58.6kg).  Total Body Water 41.5%, 45.2 Liters.  Body Mass Index: 44.  Body fat displacement: Torso 52.4%, Left leg 34.5%, Right leg 32.2%, Left arm 51.5%, Right arm 50.1%.  I have no idea how they figure the last numbers as they only measured my left arm and leg with measuring tape.  ANYwho, today, I stepped on the scale and …. 239.4lbs.  I am officially below the 240’s!!!!

Sure, I’ve been having crazy chocolate cravings (if I could sit and eat an entire pan of brownies, that would be epic) but generally I have not actually been hungry.  Sometime the eating-every-two-hours comes along and I’m like “Crap, I was supposed to eat 30 minutes ago!  I better go grab a snack STAT!”  I’m actually really worried about being able to follow the rules with a job…. most vets are not going to allow you to run to the back and eat every 2 hours.  Not if there are appointments or surgeries or whatnot going on.  Maybe that’s part of my hesitation to seriously job hunt?  I feel like I have SO much that I’m trying to juggle in my life, that a job just feels overwhelming.  But, I know, I need to work.  even if it’s an unpaid internship.


On a separate track, many of you know that Hubster and I are catechumens in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  It’s been a great and wonderful thing, but since moving closer to family and friends, it has been…. interesting…. running into people’s reaction to this news.  I think the #1 thing I run into, is people are so terrified I’m going to judge them, they wind up judging and condemning ME before I ever open my mouth.

(And the fact is, it is absolutely NOT my place to judge others. It isn’t possible for me to really see into anyone’s hearts or minds!)

K and her husband D went to college with Hubster and I, and they are the closest friends I have out here, living about 10 minutes from my apartment.  They were so great the first few weeks I moved out here, inviting me over for dinner and random errands, really easing the loneliness I struggled with.  K and D are Protestant, which is where Hubster and I came from, so I know what they believe.  I get where they are coming from.

Sometimes, K has asked me questions about Orthodoxy and I am happy to talk about it, but on this particular evening about a week ago she started asking me some really “charged” questions.  I admit, I suck at debates.  I suck at being put on the spot.  And I don’t really think that having a religious debate ever really gets anyone anywhere, so generally I try to avoid them.  But I was doing my best to answer her questions when her husband D joined in.  D is one of those folks who does enjoys religious debate, and the whole thing got awkward really quickly.  The next day I sent them an email, trying to answer some of their questions better (I told them I would have to get back to them on some items, I wanted to be able to take my time and really form a good answer)  So I sent this email, and didn’t really hear back from them.  K and I had long ago set up plans to go blueberry picking that I had to postpone because of my doctors appointment on Friday.  But since talking to postpone that, I had not heard from her.  I have to admit, I was really sad. We used to talk or facebook or something almost every day.

I just heard from her today, inviting me to one of their church activities.  (Babysitting her son while she does an Arts’n’Crafts thing for the VBS)  Ok, I get it, I’m sure this is half an attempt at an “olive branch” and half of an attempt to “bring me back to their church”.  I agreed to go, I mean, I know I can’t go back to Protestantism so I don’t want to give her any “false hope” but I also really DO want to try and mend our friendship.  And her son is pretty dang adorable 🙂

Here’s hoping the evening wont be terribly awkward.

Can I get that pan of brownies now?  I’d really like to give in and stress-eat….


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  1. What exactly is eastern orthodox church? Is it like greek? Or russian? Or armenian? Or something else entirely?

    Congrats on the weight loss progress!!! Woo-hoo!


    • Lol, I get that a lot. The Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Amerenian Orthodox etc all fall under the heading of “Eastern Orthodox”. Historically, when the church would enter a new country it would translate the bible into the local language, preach in the local language, and basically establish a “fill-in-the-blank-country-name Orthodox Church”. But when people came to America, it wasn’t really America yet, and people emigrated within their country-culture-groups, so instead they set up churches as they had them back home. So, instead of there being formed the “American Orthodox Church” we got things like Greek, Russian, Antiochian etc…. Now, there is a movement to form the Orthodox Church of America but like all things in religion, it takes time. But the fact is, the only real difference between them is the language they use, and some cultural activities they have. (like extra curricular dancing or food festivals)

      The Eastern Orthodox Church is the church as it was handed down from the Apostles to the first Christians. Our forms of worship, prayer etc are centuries old, and are the closest thing to how the original church worshiped. We absolutely utilize the Bible, but we also look to other ancient documents by martyrs, and monastics, to help round out our understanding of theology and worship. (similarly to how all Christians know things like the Nicene Creed – that comes from ancient documents)

      When I studied theology many years ago, I read snippets from ancient documents, that talked about the early church and I was in awe, wondering why we didn’t do things like that anymore. When I first went to an Orthodox service it was like “AH! This is what I read about!” In case anyone wants to learn some more, check out

      Thank you for the congratulations, it’s so easy to get frustrated and discouraged. Just have to stay pumped! 😀


  2. thank you for the thorough answer!


  3. Religion can be a hard thing to deal with between friends. Most of my friends have different spiritual views than I do. Some of them are okay engaging in discussions about their beliefs, some of them take it really personally. One of my best friends refuses to discuss religion at all because she doesn’t want me to feel like she’s converting me (which I don’t feel at all).

    I wish you the best!

    Congrats on the weight loss…keep up the great work.


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